Samsung apologizes to its investors for throttling the Galaxy S22 series smartphone


Samsung Electronics recently held its 54th Annual Shareholders’ Meeting. At the meeting, JH Han, CEO of Samsung DeX, apologized to shareholders for one of the recent issues its brand had been affecting the performance of the Galaxy S22. In his apology, he said that the company has failed to understand customer concerns over app and gaming performance.

Han further elaborated that the Game Optimization Service (GOS) is designed to optimize smartphone performance, and is not part of the company’s extreme cost-cutting efforts, calling them a false allegation. He added that the company does not reduce the quality of its equipment to reduce costs.

What happened?

Within weeks of the global launch of the Galaxy S22 series, the company was caught with GOS throttling the performance of over 1,000 apps and games on all three phones in the series. GOS is a pre-installed app which the company claims boosts the performance of games.

Soon after launch, customers started complaining about the problem after learning that GOS could not be disabled, and other smartphones powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 performed better than the Galaxy S22.

Soon after, Samsung gave a response saying that GOS only limits game performance and prevents Galaxy devices from overheating. Then within a few weeks, the company released a new software update that allowed users to disable GOS. As of now, the update is rolling out gradually to Samsung devices with GOS, and has only reached a few countries to date.

While Samsung has provided its customers with the option to disable GOS, customers keep complaining that the company should offer an option to remove GOS altogether.

Currently, the South Korean FTC has launched an investigation into the issue to see whether Samsung delivered more and less with the Galaxy S22’s performance.

Samsung apologizes to its investors for throttling Galaxy S22 series smartphones, this post first appeared on BGR India.

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