Salmon Voi mobile game banned on Google Play Store based on Salman Khan’s hit and run case

Selmon Bhoi mobile game based on Salman Khan hit-and-run case banned on Google Play store

Game development company Parody Studios Pvt Ltd has been developing a mobile game based on Salman Khan’s hit-and-run story since 2002. The game called Seluman Voi gained popularity after the Mumbai Civil Court imposed a temporary ban on mobile game access.

According to the latest PTI report, civil court judge KM Jaiswal on Monday ordered the game to be restricted. The report further reveals that developers and managers of Salmon Voi mobile games have been restrained from spreading, launching, re-launching and re-creating other content related to the game or actor.

The court instructed the developers to “immediately disable access / block / access to the game from the Google Play Store and all other platforms”. The court further said that the Bollywood actor never had his consent to play. The order stated, “After viewing the game and its pictures, it primarily matches the identity of the plaintiff (Khan) and the hit and run case associated with the plaintiff.”

The court added that the developers used Khan’s identity and popularity for commercial gain. The order stated, “When the plaintiff did not give his consent to the development of the game, which is similar to his identity and the lawsuit against him, he is certainly being deprived of his right to privacy and his image is also being tarnished.”

Khan reportedly filed a lawsuit against the game developers last month, claiming that his name and pictures used to promote the game had tarnished his image. The application filed by the actor states that “game developers have deliberately used our client’s personality rights to gain commercial advantage without our client’s consent”.

The court ordered the game developers to file their affidavits in response to the actor’s appeal and posted the matter for the next hearing on September 20.

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