Russo-Ukraine War: A Look at Russia’s Sanctions on Social Media Use in the Country

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Russia has banned Twitter in many parts of the country. The micro-blogging site has given this information by tweeting on Saturday. The social media company has taken this decision after Russia attacked Ukraine. On Friday, Russia launched Facebook’s Reach of Meta Platform Inc. censored. The Russian administration took action on Facebook after the tech giant banned government accounts.

Russia has always been strict against internet policies and social media restrictions. To recall, the country passed bills in 2020, which include a number of new measures that could allow for tighter restrictions on social media content and the blocking of websites such as YouTube and Twitter. The past two years have seen several laws, including fines for search engines providing access to proxy services such as VPNs.

A look at the social media ban following the Russia-Ukraine conflict:


The micro-blogging site has blocked multiple accounts of researchers sharing footage and other information about the Russian invasion. Earlier, Russia had announced a partial ban on Facebook. Russia’s opposition is being seen in Russia itself. In such a situation, a partial ban has been imposed on Facebook due to anti-Russian content.

Twitter has said it is working to keep its service secure and accessible. However, the company has not yet given information about whether Russia has spoken to them about any action or not. According to Internet Blockage Observatory NetBlocks, Twitter has been blocked on major networks.

“Russia’s ban on Twitter will significantly limit the free flow of information in times of crisis, when the public needs to stay most informed,” said Netblox director Alp Tokar.

Additionally, Russians can still access Twitter through VPN services, The Verge reports, but direct connections are restricted. Twitter said that we believe that people should have free and open access to the Internet, especially in times of crisis. This allows people to avoid a problem by establishing communication.


Meta (Facebook)

Affected by a partial ban, Meta (formerly Facebook) said on Saturday it was blocking Russian state media from running ads or monetizing its platform anywhere in the world. The additional move came in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine after the country began to ‘partially restrict’ access to Facebook.

Russia has been trying to keep tight controls on the Internet and big tech companies for years. Critics say it threatens personal and corporate liberties. It is part of a broader crackdown on vocal opponents of the Kremlin. Last year, Moscow rebuked Twitter in a punitive move because it said the site was not removing illegal content.

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