RIP Fleet! Twitter has officially turned off the invisible tweet feature

RIP Fleets! Twitter officially shuts disappearing tweets feature

Just last month, popular microblogging site Twitter announced the closure of its Instagram Stories clone, known as Fleet. As of today, Twitter users around the world will no longer see Fleet Space in their timeline. Your Twitter timeline will now show exactly what it looks like before the Flats feature is launched.

Fleet or invisible tweets worked like Instagram Stories and WhatsApp Status. Like the IG story, the fleets disappear 24 hours after posting. To remember, the fleets were launched about nine months ago. Following the release of the feature, Twitter was widely trolled for copying stories, one of Instagram’s most popular features.

Twitter’s invisible tweets are dead

When announcing the closure of the fleet last month, Twitter said that after August 3, 2021, users will be able to see the space, Twitter’s Clubhouse-inspired audio chat room, at the top of their timelines. This feature is turned off for iOS and Android users.

Citing reasons to close the fleet in such a short time, the popular microblogging site said the shutdown was the result of “low usage”.

Commenting on the closure of the fleet, Ilya Brown, Vice President of Twitter Products, said earlier, “We hoped the fleet would make more people feel comfortable joining the conversation on Twitter. But, since we launched the Fleet with everyone, we didn’t see as many new people join the conversation with the Fleet at that time as we expected.

“We will continue to create new ways to participate in conversations, listen to opinions and change direction when using Twitter can be a better way to serve people,” Brown added.

Twitter has big plans with Fleet but due to lack of user interest the platform has turned off this feature. The microblogging site is reportedly working to bring ads to fleets. Instagram recently launched ads for the story.

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