Riot celebrates the success of Valorant’s Indian Agent Harbor by displaying murals and billboards across India


Riot on Friday announced mural art of Valorant’s Indian Agent Harbour, to celebrate the character’s success. Apart from this, the company has put up several billboards in various cities of India including Mumbai, Delhi and others.

Harbor murals and billboards placed across India

Back in October, Riot launched the first Indian character named Harbor in Valorant and since then, she has become one of the key controllers along with Brimstone, Viper, Astra and Omen.

The harbor has water-bending potential due to artifacts discovered near it. He has a desi look, style and voice lines which endear him to Indian players.

Celebrating the character’s success, a mural has been done at Shaheed Bhagat Singh Marg Road, Colaba, South Mumbai. The mural art covers an area of ​​8400 square feet and depicts the story of the Harbor showcasing the environs of Mumbai.

valorant mural art

Apart from this, Riot has also put up around 17 hoardings of Harbor in various cities of India. The billboard can be seen in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi NCR and Baroda.

While these hoardings have just been announced, many netizens have already spotted them and posted pictures on social media.

Recently, the Indian government recognized esports as an official sport, which Riot seems to have pushed the sport even further. The billboards are one of the ways Riot is trying to reach out to more gamers in the country as an esports game.

Valorant Episode 6 Act 1

In other news, Episode 6 Act 1 of Valorant brought the first Indian map named Lotus. The map is inspired by Indian caves and features three spike planting locations. It has become another large map in terms of size, joining Breeze.

Apart from the map, the new act also brings back Split with a few changes. There’s also a new BattlePass, the Araxys Bundle, that costs 8,700 VP. The bundle includes Skinned Operator, Vandal, Shorty and others which are available in different variants like white, black etc.

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