Reliance Jio’s JioPages web browser comes to OnePlus TV


OnePlus has announced a partnership with JioPages to provide a fast, ad-free and feature-rich browser experience to OnePlus TV users. Geopages will provide OnePlus TV users with a better browsing experience through rapid Chromium engine migration that captures new web trends and preserves the browsing experience.

With this partnership, OnePlus aims to provide a fast web page rendering experience with a consistent desktop-like experience, easy mouse navigation and voice search on its TV screens.

Equipped with two new features of VPN and Secure Mode, the latest version of GeoPage will give OnePlus TV users seamless access to global content. On the other hand, the built-in security mechanism – ‘Secure Mode’ – will ensure zero third-party tracking and any unnecessary browser advertising, while the VPN will provide support. Additionally, support for regional languages ​​will enable users to navigate the app in Hindi, Marathi, Tamil and Gujarati, among others.

Furthermore, OnePlus TV users can browse through various categories of top sites in a single click and add their favorite websites as quicklinks on the home screen. With QuickLinks, a wide variety of Jio-specific content such as JioMart, JioCinema, JioSaavn will be just a click away. OnePlus users will have access to a selection of curated videos across various categories along with personalized recommendations.

OnePlus TV users can choose from three browsing modes, namely Standard Mode, Private Mode, and a new student-friendly “Study Mode”, which offers a category-wise curation of educational content along with topic-wise channel suggestions .

It is worth noting that OnePlus saw a growth of over 300% from 2020 to 2021, being among the top five leading smart TV brands in the India market in Q4 2021 as per a Counterpoint Research report.

Reliance Jio’s GeoPage web browser first appeared on BGR India after it arrived on OnePlus TV.

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