Reliance Jio will bring 5G to every Indian by December 2023: Akash Ambani


Reliance Jio has launched True 5G service in 277 cities across the country and is on track to achieve the stated goal of expanding Jio 5G footprint to cover every city, taluka and tehsil across the country by December this year. Akash Ambani, Chairman Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd said this on Tuesday.

Addressing a post-budget webinar coordinated by the Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY) and the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), he said this would be the world’s fastest 5G rollout.

Jio has deployed over 40,000 sites and around 2,50,000 cells of 5G network in 700 MHz as well as 3500 MHz bands. We are on track to achieve the stated target of expanding Jio 5G penetration to other cities, towns and talukas of various States/UTs month-on-month. Jio is leading the 5G network rollout in the country with the world’s largest stand-alone network architecture that is uniquely suited to meet the requirements of true 5G technology.

“The impact of 5G on India’s growing economy will be immense. There is no other technology which has given us various growth areas like 5G is a fast growing and emerging economy. Ambani said that India is uniquely positioned to play a leading role in harnessing 5G technology for the betterment of society and livelihoods of over 140 crore Indians.

He said that 5G will make our cities smarter or society more secure, utilities more stable and emergency services more responsive and industry more efficient. “Many novel-use-cases are finding their way into the market in areas such as healthcare, education, agriculture, smart cities and infrastructure, including entertainment and productivity,” he stressed.

The healthcare sector is poised to be one of the most important beneficiaries of 5G technology. With 5G-enabled remote consultation, “patients can conveniently consult doctors without physically visiting them. This can save time, reduce the risk of infection and dramatically reduce healthcare costs,” Ambani said.

With 5G-enabled medical devices, doctors can receive real-time information about a patient’s vital signs, allowing them to make faster and more accurate diagnoses.

5G ambulances will be able to transmit data and video to hospitals in real time. “Due to the high bandwidth nature of 5G, video can be streamed live from ambulances. A GPS device will also be able to track the ambulance, and other connected sensors will allow medical experts to quickly identify vital signs, access real-time medical reports remotely, and respond more quickly from the ambulance itself,” he added during the address.

In agriculture, 5G can enable precision farming by providing farmers with real-time data on weather patterns, soil moisture levels and crop growth. This data can help farmers make informed decisions about planting, watering and harvesting, leading to more efficient use of resources and higher yields, he said.

“5G technology can also be used to monitor livestock in real time, helping farmers detect health problems and prevent the spread of diseases,” Ambani said. Autonomous farming, where drones or robots perform tasks such as planting, spraying and harvesting crops, could also be enabled by 5G technology. This can increase efficiency and reduce labor costs dramatically.

Ambani said that with 5G, students can access educational content and resources from anywhere at any time. “5G networks could enable students and teachers to collaborate in real time and in a variety of ways, such as through virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) experiences. This can allow for more interactive and immersive learning experiences that are more engaging and memorable,” he emphasized.

5G technology can enable ultra-low latency services and also manage disaster response scenarios. “5G technology has the potential to improve work productivity by providing faster data transfer, lower latency, better video conferencing and increased flexibility,” Ambani said.



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