Reliance Jio successfully tests Connected Robotics on its 5G network


Reliance Jio has successfully tested Connected Robotics Robotics on its indigenously developed 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) and 5G Standalone (SA) core network. The news was shared by a senior Jio executive who is responsible for developing 5G networks, AIoT-based platforms and blockchain-based applications at the company.

“This underscores the true potential of 5G standalone networks in realizing real-life industrial use cases…Jio 5G Robotics has implemented a wide canvas of services – from heavy lifting and logistics in manufacturing warehouses, to medical staff. From assistive healthcare robots – from remote ultrasound enabled to industrial automation robots,” Reliance Jio Senior Vice President Ayush Bhatnagar wrote in a LinkedIn post. According to the Jio executive, the development will pave the way for “exciting possibilities for value creation in Industry 4.0″.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time that a Jio executive has shared details about the company’s progress in the field of 5G connectivity. In another post on the platform earlier this month, the Jio executive said that Reliance Jio had successfully tested using connected drones on its indigenous 5G network.

“This includes precise command and control of drones over 5G using fleet management systems in the cloud, such as image recognition, track-n-trace, discrete payload pickup and delivery, drone route sortie, video imagery, real-time drone control and much more,” he wrote in the post at the time.

Reliance Jio is making steady progress when it comes to developing 5G ready infrastructure in India. At the company’s annual general meeting earlier this year, RIL chairman Mukesh Ambani had said that the company has achieved 1Gbps speed on its 5G network.

More recently, Ambani, speaking at the India Mobile Congress 2021 earlier this month, emphasized the importance of 5G roll out in the country. “India should complete the migration from 2G to 4G to 5G at the earliest. Keeping millions of Indians confined to 2G at the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid is depriving them of the benefits of the digital revolution. Implementation of 5G should be India’s national priority.”

Reliance Jio first introduced it on BGR India after successfully testing Connected Robotics on its 5G network.

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