Redmi India wants to strike a balance between 4G and 5G phones and still doesn’t want to go for 5G

Redmi India wants to strike a balance between 4G and 5G phones and not go all 5G just yet

Smartphone makers in India are all using 5G even before the network is officially launched in India. At a time when companies are releasing one 5G phone after another in the price segment, Redmi is playing a completely different game.

Redmi’s store has a slightly different plan. In an exclusive interview with the company highlighting 5G phones for India, Sneha Tainwala, who heads Redmi Business in India, says the brand is choosing a different path and not going with what other brands are following.

Teinwala says Redmi currently maintains a balance between 4G and 5G devices and will all go 5G depending on market conditions and when the network will be available … which is still a few years away.

More 5G phones are coming when India is ready

“Looking at the current market, 5G chipsets are expensive and 5G penetration is expected to take time, balancing 4G and 5G devices in our Redmi smartphone portfolio is simply realistic,” said Teinwala.

Redmi Note 10T is the first brand Redmi smartphone launched in the country. The smartphone has recently been released in the country with the aim of capturing the affordable 5G market in India.

Continuing the ongoing market trend, chip makers like Qualcomm and MediaTek are releasing one after another affordable 5G chips and helping the brand launch cheap 5G smartphones in the country.

While other smartphone makers are launching 5G smartphones in the market – both premium and affordable – the Redmi segment is waiting to mature.

Teinwala believes there is still a long way to go before 5G networks can enter the country. He said the company “really believes that it will take about two to three years for 5G to be available and accessible in small markets and entry level segments.”

“If at any time we see market readiness and a growing rise of 5G, we will be one of the first companies in the segment to launch feature-rich and power-packed devices,” he assured.

Redmi’s game plan remains the same

A few years later when 4G was finally launched in the country and Geo brought free data for its customers, Redmi was one of the first brands to occupy the market with affordable 4G plans. The brand apparently has the same strategy when 5G is officially launched in the country.

“As we enter the new era of technology with the market preparing for 5G networks, we are again focused on bringing the latest technology to users – innovation for all,” said Tainwala.

In addition to 5G devices, Teinwala highlights that Redmi aims to provide customers with a “healthier tomorrow”. To achieve the goal, he revealed that Redmi will focus on launching more smart fitness devices in the market, which will enable users to stay fit and healthy.

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The price of Redmi phone is increasing

Several popular Redmi phones have recently gone up in price in India. Some other models of these devices include Redmi Note 10, Redmi Note 10 Pro. Not just Redmi phones, but several other phone models from other brands including Samsung, Oppo have recently seen price increases in the country.

The reason behind this sudden rise in prices is the rise in material prices and shortages across the supply chain. Commenting on the sudden price hike of some models of Redmi phones, Teinwala said, “Over the past year, we have seen shortages across the supply chain.”

“Due to the huge demand-supply mismatch, most of the components used in smartphones have seen a constant ward upward movement in their prices. This, along with the unprecedented rise in shipping charges and dollar inflation, has affected almost all technology players, including us,” Teinwala explained.

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