Reddit gets a new Discover tab for photos, videos


Reddit has launched a new Discover tab on its mobile app. Inside the Discover area, the app will offer photos and videos from across the platform for people to watch. According to the company, this will help make its mobile app more attractive.

This is the first new tab that the company has launched in almost two years.

With the introduction of the Discover tab, Reddit aims to allow its users to scroll through photos and videos from subreddits similar to the one they’re a part of.

Inside the Discover tab, users will find photos, GIFs and videos in small rectangular or square boxes overlaid with the name of the community they represent. In addition, users will be able to refine their suggestions by long-pressing on a tile, then selecting options such as show me more about this content, show me less of that content, and hide that content. The company claims that not all communities will be showcased on the Discover page.

The company claims that during the testing phase of the feature, one in five users joined at least one new subreddit after using the Discover tab. It has also been said that the feature was introduced after it was heard from users that they wanted a better way to explore their interests.

The new Discover tab will be located just to the right of the Home button inside the iOS and Android apps. The new tab is not currently available on the web, and instead focuses on the 70 percent of users who connect to the platform using mobile apps.

Video has become a major focus for social media companies over the past year, especially the short-form video format popularized by TikTok.

The news comes just after Reddit confidentially filed for an initial public offering in December. According to an earlier report by Reuters, it wants to achieve a valuation of at least $15 billion (about Rs 1,12,812.45 crore).

According to an earlier release by Reddit, it has 52 million daily users.

In addition to adding the Discover tab, the company has also added personalized recommendations as well as a new navigation system that includes new Community and Profile menus. The new Community and Profiles menu will allow users to quickly access and rearrange their subscriptions or access their profile settings.

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