Received an SMS about PNB’s Government Financial Subsidy? it’s a scam


If you have recently received an SMS claiming to lead you to a newly-announced government financial subsidy scheme of Punjab National Bank, you should act with caution. Punjab National Bank (PNB) on Saturday issued an advisory to its customers regarding fake messages being circulated in the name of PNB. The bank said that a fake message is being circulated on digital platforms stating “130th Anniversary of PNB Government Financial Subsidy”.

‚ÄúThese are fake messages and the PNB brand name is being used to perpetrate various forms of fraud. In some cases, these frauds are attempts at identity theft and financial scams,” the bank said in a statement.

PNB advised its customers and general public to be careful and cautious while receiving such fake messages, especially those circulated through social media and other channels like WhatsApp.

The bank cautioned, “As a precautionary measure, we also urge our customers not to disclose any confidential/personal/financial information through phone calls or emails and to follow any suspicious link.” Do not click/download, even if they appear legitimate.”

As digital banking takes off in India, scammers are targeting people through a wave of fraudulent messages to rob them of their hard earned money. Messages like “Dear Customer, Your bank account will be suspended today. Update your KYC/PAN now to avoid deactivation. Click on the link below to update,” circulated through SMS over a long period of time At least 40 bank customers of a private bank in Mumbai lost lakhs of rupees in just three days after clicking on a link sent to them through fake bank SMS. The SMS asked them to update their KYC and PAN. Alerted to do so or their bank account will be blocked.

It is advised not to click on any link received from an unknown sender until and unless you have duly verified that it is from a genuine organization or bank. You can take help of bank’s customer care or many internet tools which will check the link for security for you.

– Written with inputs from IANS

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