Realmy Band 2 leaked images give us a look at it for the first time

Realme Band 2 leaked images give us a glance at it for the first time

Realm is expected to refresh its smart band lineup soon. Band 2 is finalizing the rumor in the so-called realm and the latest addition to the rumor thread is a bunch of images that give us an idea of ​​what it would look like.

If leaked photos (courtesy) Onlix And The numbers) Believe it or not, we can expect a redesign of the design for the company’s second smart band. Here’s what to expect.

Realmy may look like Band 2

It is suggested that Realm will get a larger and elongated 1.4-inch display than the 0.96-inch screen displayed in the previous version of Band 2. The images suggest a smart band that looks more premium with a thick bezel and curved edged gloss.

In contrast to the mixed design of the Realmy band that combines straps and screens, Band 2 has been seen playing a design where the display stands out. This seems rather disturbing and ultimately attracts many.

Say via Pogo Pin that the new strap design can make room for new charging methods For those who don’t know, you need to remove a strap and connect it to the USB port to charge your Realm band.

Image: Digit

Furthermore, there is an indication of additional sensors in addition to optical sensors. This may mean that the fitness tracker can support any Spo2 monitor. This is a functionality that is also seen in MI Band 6. We can also expect a heart rate monitor. The band can also be seen without the touch button, which indicates a full touch screen on the display. The fitness tracker is said to measure approximately 45.9 x 24.6 x 12.1 mm.

As for the glasses, there is no concrete sound here. However, we can expect support for Bluetooth version 5.1, multiple sports modes, water resistance, slip monitor, smart notification and much more. It can be priced below Rs 3,000 in MI Band 5 and some more competitions in India.

But there is no word on when it will enter. Realm is constantly refreshing its AIOT products, this could happen soon.

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