Realme will unveil the world’s fastest smartphone charging technology on February 28


Realme announced that it is bringing the world’s fastest smartphone charging technology. Tech giant will unveil the technology at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2022. Realme’s new fast-charging smartphone will come with 125W support. Also, the company can present Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset at MWC 2022. Apart from this, the company has announced the launch of Realme GT 2 Pro smartphone.

MWC 2022

The company will introduce the new fast-charging technology on February 28, the first day of MWC 2022. This event will run till March 3. While Realme has claimed the technology to be the fastest, no one knows what kind of fast charging it will support. The company has revealed that the new fast charging technology will be part of its ‘Go Premium’ strategy.

Realme is speculated to announce its 150W fast charging technology, which could come with support for Oppo’s 160W fast charger. There is no official information on how much faster it will be compared to the existing 120W fast charging technology. However, this technology is slower than Xiaomi’s 200W technology. It’s worth mentioning that it’s not commercial yet.

The company has said to invest 70 per cent on research and development resources as part of its Go Premium strategy. The company believes that fast charging has emerged as an essential feature in the current times. The company believes that with the new charging technology, users will be able to enjoy smartphone charging in less time. Realme this week announced the launch of the Narzo series of smartphones in India on February 24.

125W Ultradart Flash Charger

To recall, the company launched the 125W UltraDART Flash Charger in 2021 to address the battery life of the smartphone. The company claimed that this technology can maintain the temperature of the phone up to 40 degrees Celsius and provide safe charging speed. With the help of 125W UltraDART charge with temperature control, which can fully charge a 5G smartphone in 20 minutes.

Realme’s post to unveil the world’s fastest smartphone charging technology on February 28 first appeared on BGR India.

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