Realme directing 90% R&D towards 5G technology and products: Madhav Sheth


At the BGR Tech Excellence Awards, industry experts laid out their plans and revealed the current status of 5G connectivity in India. During the panel discussion on ‘The Future of 5G’, key stakeholders from the current and upcoming 5G ecosystem shared their views on the revolution that technology will bring.

Panelists include Madhav Sheth CEO, Realme India; Amit Marwah Head of Marketing & Corporate Affairs, Nokia India and Ankur Jain Managing Director, MediaTek India.

When asked about the company’s goal to democratize the 5G smartphone segment, Sheth, CEO, Realme India, said that the company aims to be the 5G leader and democratizer in India and hence all smartphones above Rs 15,000 will be 5G enabled. Will equip He further explained that the company is currently allocating 90% of Realme R&D resources to develop 5G technology.

Sheth said, “We are also investing millions of dollars for the beautiful aesthetics of the phone and how we are going to enhance the performance on 5G. We don’t want bulky 5G devices. We set up seven 5G R&D centers including one in India. have done.”

MediaTek India Managing Director Ankur Jain also shared the expected timeline for the entry-level smartphones. Jain expects the 5G rollout in India to happen late next year, perhaps in the third or fourth quarter.

Jain also claimed that probably by early 2023, we will start seeing 5G smartphones that are much more affordable than what we see now. He also acknowledged that players like Realme have already started democratizing the technology.

Amit Marwah, Head of Marketing and Corporate Affairs, Nokia India, explains why patience can be beneficial for end-users in India.

Marwah acknowledged that around 70 countries around the world have an up and running commercial 5G network and yet India is still not on the list. Around 200 networks in the world are already up and running on 5G.

Marwah said, ‘India is not at the fore, but I would say that India is not far behind either. Even if there is 5G in India next year, I think we are still part of the larger part of the other part of the world, including parts of Europe, that is going to deploy 5G next year.

“The way things are going now, we saw RBI coming out with consultation papers on spectrum. This is the first step that has been taken. Hopefully, by the third to fourth quarter of next year, we will see real 5G in India and the good thing about it is that it is already a mature technology proven in the rest of the world. So, when it comes to India, the deployment of that technology will be much faster, much faster and much better.”

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