Realm pads indicate the image on the flat side, stylus support and much more.

Realme Pad leaked images hint at flat sides, stylus support and more

Realm is expected to find more space with the launch of its alleged tablets and laptops. Rumors have started to spread, a wrinkle will happen to us soon. Now, we have a few leaked images of the realm pads made by the company that reveal the tablet from all angles.

The images, which came to us with the famous Lexter Onyx (in collaboration with 91 Mobile), come with some more details on the tablet. See what we have here.

Realmy pad design leaked

The images suggest that the realm pad has a flat edge and a single rear camera will protrude slightly outwards. The back also gets a minimum branding from the company. The front part is known to feature a significant amount of bezel. The bezel at the top is seen placing a front camera in the middle. From the look of it, it looks a lot like the 2020 iPad Pro.

It is also suggested that the tablet display a dual-tone finish. The leaked ones are in black and gray, there is a possibility that we will see more color options.

Figure: 91 Mobile

There are also details about port deployment: a power on / off button and two speakers at the top, and a volume rocker and a possible microSD card slot on the right. At the bottom end is a pair of speakers and a USB Type-C port. However, there is some curiosity here. It is also seen in a slot game that is probably for any stylus.

More details have been published. It is suggested that the Realm tablet will have a 10.4-inch screen size and measure 246.1 x 155.8 x 6.8 mm. It can be 8.4 mm thick. It is also expected to come with a 7,100mAh battery.

However, other details are not available at this time. The Realm Pad is expected to launch in October alongside the Realm book. It’s likely to stand out in the affordable bracket.

To get a better idea, we will have to wait until some official release on this issue in Realm. Therefore, stay.

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