Realm Magdart leaks: Is this an Apple Magsaf alternative from Realm?

Realme MagDart leaks: Is it an Apple MagSafe alternative from Realme?

Apple’s MagSafe charger has paved the way for smartless wireless charging for the iPhone 12 series, and Realm now wants to emulate it. Some recent leaks have suggested that the company is working on a Magdart that is related to the smartphone’s wireless charging pad. While the exact product details are unavailable, it looks like Realm is bringing wireless charging to one of its upcoming smartphones.

EUIPO was the document Filed Realm’s parent company is Oppo, which suggests that the technology will eventually come to Oppo and OnePlus smartphones. Realmy is a testbed brand for Oppo in recent years. Therefore, the magnetic-based wireless charger could debut as a realmy product and eventually be published in Oppo and OnePlus Universe.

Magdart Wireless Charger from Realm?

Realm uses “Dart” Monica for its 30W and fast-charging solutions. Thus, it appears that the company can provide fast wireless charging with this charger. Sister Brand OnePlus had earlier launched a 50W wireless charger and could use the same knowledge for its realm. The “mag” part probably refers to a magnetic attachment similar to the Apple Magsaf.

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Note that Realm already sells a 10W wireless charger in India. It is ironic that at the moment none of its products come with wireless charging. However, a few high-end Realm smartphones are coming soon and Realm has the potential to equip them with wireless charging.

Will Magdart debut with the upcoming Realm GT Master Edition? Chances are, given that the master version usually refers to the most brilliant realm products. The master version of the Realm GT Explorer will be a Snapdragon 870 powered flagship-grade premium phone. Realm could start using its Magdart technology.

On the other hand, the company may save it for the 2022 flashship. It could be that the Oppo and OnePlus eventually follow the same for their 2022 Pro Flashship.

Realm is currently expected to unveil the Realm GT flag in India next month in the release Realm X7 Max is currently the last phone sold in India, starting at 26,999. The Realm GT is a spruce-up version of the Realm X7 Max that replaces the Dimness 1200K with the Snapdragon 888 chipset.

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