PUBG The new state is coming next week: trunk features, station maps, which you should see

PUBG New State arriving next week: Trunk feature, Station map, all you need to look up

A future version of PUBG Mobile, titled PUBG New State, Legendary BR, is set to release next week. Although developers have recently begun teasing the game’s features, there are some add-ons that will bring a different experience for players than the original version.

For starters, the new version will bring a new gameplay future called Trunk. The feature displayed in a video will allow players to store weapons and loot items in car trucks. In addition, a popular mode of PUBG mobile will return to PUBG New State and gamers will also witness the new map. Here’s what you need to know about Krafton’s new mobile title features, settings, gameplay.

PUBG New State Releasing November 11: Trunk Features, Station Map, What You Need to Know

PUBG New State will be available on both iOS and Android platforms on November 11 Krafton teased a bunch of features before the official launch

Among the latest, the trunk feature is a new addition to PUBG Cosmos. The developers posted the video on his social media channel. The feature will enable players to store weapons, consumables for themselves and their squadmates. The trunk can be found on any vehicle and players can use it to exchange weapons and loot items with other players in the car on the go. The trunk will be convenient for players in many ways, for example, if someone resurrects their squadmate from the dead with a Green Flair song, they can share the loot nearby through the trunk. There will be a trunk button that anyone will be able to see while driving or even approaching a car. The feature will debut on launch day.

In addition, the popular deathmatch mode PUBG will return to New State. The mode will be available on the new station map which will throw lots of storage crates and ‘stopped train bogies’. As mentioned in the report, the map would be favorable for close range warfare. Another map to come back to is the Erangel map so there will be some visual upgrades. A new map will make a look at Troi. The game will also have a green flare gun, a recruiting system, new weapons, new vehicles and weapon customization. A unique addition to the game is the drone, which is expected to provide gamers with a strategic advantage. Weapons and vehicles will have different dynamics than the original title.

Pre-registration for the game began a few months ago. And if you choose the automatic install option, the game will pop up on your Android, iOS device next week.

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