PUBG new state players on Android will not be able to play the game for this reason

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PUBG New State was launched with much fanfare earlier this month, but the game has had some bugs and issues, which are being ironed out with an update from Crafton Studios. The company has now released a new patch aimed at reducing fraud instances, which have plagued the first few editions since launch. Unfortunately, Android gamers playing in the new state will not be able to play the game without updating to the latest version. The studio described it as “an essential update.”

The studio claims that they are taking strict action against fraudsters on the platform and this new update is a big step in that direction. Most players on the Android platform will get a prompt to download the update when launching the application. However, selected devices may receive updates later. iOS users will also get the necessary updates soon. It hasn’t rolled out yet.

Crafton Studios will reward users who update the game. Krafton claims the players will receive three chicken medals. The company also acknowledges that some players may experience problems downloading the game. In that case, if the download does not start, the user will be forced to close the app and restart the device.

The studio has announced that it is taking fraudulent incidents seriously and will roll out further updates to address the issues. Currently, Krafton Battle Royal will ban players who cheat in the game.

PUBG New State is a Battle Royale game based on the future. The studio also created a brand new map called Troy. Gameplay elements are also graphically enhanced. PUBG provides lots of new weapons and gadgets to save the New State Dystopian Futuristic World. The goal of the studio is to bring the PUBG New State experience as close to the original PUBG PC platform as possible.

The post PUBG new state players on Android will not be able to play the game for this reason.

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