PUBG Mobile maker Crafton bans over 66,000 accounts for fraud


Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) maker Crafton has banned over 66,000 accounts for fraud between the week ended April 3. While cracking down on accounts that use unauthorized third-party programs in the game, Crafton said it has permanently banned Total. 66,233 accounts from BGMI between March 28 and April 3

“Battlegrounds Mobile India will endeavor to implement strong sanctions with the ultimate goal of eliminating the use of illegal programs to provide you with an enjoyable gaming environment,” Crafton wrote in a post announcing the news. The game-maker also shared a list of all the accounts it banned from the game last week. You can check the complete list Here,

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time that Crafton has permanently banned accounts from BGMI for violating its policies. Earlier, the company had permanently banned a total of 22,013 accounts from March 21 to March 27 and 7,057 accounts from March 14 to March 20. In total, Crafton has banned a total of 1,22,766 accounts from BGMI between March 6 and April 3. ,

Its biggest action took place between January 24 and February 6 when IT permanently banned a total of 171,188 accounts from the game. In total, Crafton has permanently banned a total of 5,69,420 accounts from BGMI between January 3rd and April 3rd.

These restrictions are part of tougher measures the company announced last year to ban accounts using illegal programs from the game. Earlier, the company used to ban the account from the game. Meaning, gamers whose accounts were banned could register a new account and play the game. However, in December last year, Crafton announced that it would ban accounts and mobile devices from playing the game, effectively banning gamers from using illegal means for good. “So far only accounts were banned, but now mobile devices will also be banned, making fair gameplay far more effective,” the company said in announcing the news.

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