PUBG Mobile 1.9 Update Finally Erangel . to fix this annoying problem in


Tencent will soon release a major update for its popular BR title. The PUBG Mobile v1.9 update will hit the servers in a week or so and the developer has started revealing some of the features that players will see in the new update.

Tencent said in its official PUBG Mobile Twitter handle that Bridge on Erangel will be updated in the next version. Until now, the bridge was a single road with vehicles and boxes scattered around to provide shields to players. While this made it difficult for players to outwit their opponents, Tencent is finally making changes to make crossings easier.

“Bridge in Erangel will be updated to version 1.9.. What kind of strategies do you have in mind? Share your 200 IQ thoughts!,” Tencent noted in the tweet.

Apparently, the same setup was applied to the console and PC versions of PUBG: Battlegrounds last year as well. Additionally, Tencent also mentioned that the recall system will be made available for more maps after the March 18 update. The recall system basically allows players to revive their dead teammates.

On a related note, PUBG Mobile and Warframe Colloid recently collaborated. The limited-time event began on March 10 and will continue through April 19. While players will be able to participate in and complete in-game missions during the event and grab Warframe-themed items, there will be additional themed content. Finally announced.

The first two weeks will feature a ‘Special Preview Event’ according to the press release, while the rest are expected to be revealed with new updates. For those unaware, Warframe is a third-person MMORPG action game developed by Digital Extremes.

The update to PUBG Mobile 1.9 to fix this annoying problem in Erangel first appeared on BGR India.

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