PUBG is free-to-play for one week: how to download, limited time prizes, events and more

PUBG is free-to-play for a week: How to download, limited-time rewards, and more

PUBG (Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds) will be able to play the popular BR title for free for one week. Although details were released last month about the game being free, Crafton has finally made an official announcement. While this is good news for the gaming community, the only caveat is that the PUBG PC version will only be f2p on one platform.

PUBG is free to play but only for one week

As mentioned, PlayerUnknown’s Battlefields can be played for free for one week. However, the benefits are only available on one platform. Players will be able to try the game for free via Steam. It will be F2P from 10th August and will run until 16th August. Crafton brings some limited time prizes for newcomers so they can learn the basics of the game and apply those strategies in BR matches.

Those interested in seeing the BR title will need to download it via Steam and experience a double fight or group match on the big map. The map of the new Taigo battlefield, along with other maps, will be available as part of the ‘test’. In addition, the progress of the mission and the gameplay strategy are recorded and the progress of the achievement will be transferred if the players decide to buy the game later.

“All prizes, including passes and mission prizes, including XP and BP, can be earned. Also, all missions and stats will be recorded so you can keep track of your achievements. All records will be borne if the game is played on the same account after the title has been purchased, ”Crafton noted.

In addition, the developers have come up with a program called “Newcomer Training Course” for newcomers by name. The event will be live until August 16th. Players of the game will probably be able to unlock the gun skin and costumes after finishing work using tail grabs and other elements.

As a reminder, Player Unknown’s Battlefields recently got its new name and is now known as PUBG: Battlefield. According to the report, Crafton made these changes silently in July.

“Crafton is actively expanding the PUBG brand through various new experiences set in its universe. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Rebranding at PUBG: Battlegrounds is the first step in implementing this vision of ours. Additional titles in the franchise Watching with it, ”the developers told PC Gamer.

That said, PUBG: Battlegrounds is going to F2P for a week to mark the collage with Kpop mega-group Blackpink. The crossover content is coming to the game ‘Decals on Airships and Buildings’.

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