PSVR 2 could launch early next year: here’s what we know about it

PSVR 2 could launch early next year: Here's everything we know about it

Sony launched its PlayStation VR (PSVR) in 201 Play for PS4 and is expected to release an updated version for PS5. During a recent developer summit, the company said that the upcoming PSVR 2 could be called NGVR (next generation VR), it will have an OLED display with a resolution of 4000 × 2040 pixels. Here we will take a look at everything we know about the upcoming PSVR 2.


Sony has complained that the next generation PSVR will play an OLED display with a resolution of 4000 × 2040 pixels. It is also said that the display will have 110-degree view, HDR support and i-tracking feature.

AAA Games

According to an earlier report by PSVR without parole, Sony is looking to bring VR support for all AAA releases on the PlayStation. These will include recent and upcoming AAA titles including Resident Evil 7, Hitman 3 and No Man’s Sky.

New controller

With the PSVR 2, Sony will bring a new controller, which has already been revealed in the picture. The images show a new design with finger tracking and haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. They will also feature new buttons, including ‘Create’ and ‘Options’ buttons.

(Photo: Sony)

In addition, multiple reports suggest that PSVR2 controllers will be able to detect when users hold them and estimate how far away their hands are from the controllers.

When will it start?

Although there is no clear information on when Sony will launch its next generation PlayStation VR, Sony has stated that it will not launch its PSVR2 this year. However, multiple reports have suggested that the device will launch in early 2022.

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