PS5 State of Play February 2022: How to watch the livestream, what to expect


Sony confirmed that the first PlayStation State of Play 2022 will happen on Thursday at 3:30 PM IST. The event will be streamed live on multiple platforms including YouTube and Twitch. While there’s no definite schedule for the event just yet, fans can expect some of the year’s highly anticipated PS5 games to stream unraveled. What has been confirmed, however, is that Gran Turismo 7 will be the title of the 30-minute event. Sony said in a release that “just over 30 minutes of new PS5 footage and gameplay details for Gran Turismo 7” will be showcased.

While the GT7 itself has fans excited, it was recently reported that Hogwarts Legacy is due in a new future with a new trailer. Will fans finally get a new glimpse of the Harry Potter RPG during the event? Can fans expect more gameplay from God of War Ragnarok? Or will there be any confirmation about The Last of Us remake? Only time will confirm. But it is advisable to control expectations as Sony has only confirmed the GT7 gameplay.

How to Watch PS5 State of Play February 2022 Online

The PlayStation State of Play event will go live on February 2 at 2:00 PM Pacific Time, which is the next day at 3:30 PM IST in India. The 30-minute show will be broadcast live on PlayStation’s official Twitch, YouTube and Facebook channels.

Along the lines of keeping expectations under control, while the above games have a real chance of getting some airtime, it would be completely unrealistic to expect new details about Marvel’s Wolverine and Spider-Man 2. The state of play with Gran Turismo 7 should live up to the hype due to the driving simulator. There have been constant rumors about its capability and that the simulator may have sneaked into the PS5’s graphical capability.

There will be no pre-show, but viewers will be able to attend before the start of streaming. It is advised to join early so as not to miss anything.

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