Proxy brand promotion by social media influencers may soon be fined in India


Aiming to crack down on social media influencers, the government may soon impose fines of up to Rs 50 lakh on those who indulge in proxy brand promotions or pay for endorsements without disclosing the same to their followers.

According to sources aware of the development, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs is coming out with guidelines on December 24 for social media influencers, under which they will have to put a disclaimer on their followers if they promote a particular product or brand. It has to be disclosed in front of They have been paid to do so through their videos or posts on any such platform.

After the release of these guidelines, if such influencers fail to disclose to their followers that they are involved in proxy paid promotion through their platforms, a complaint can be made against them to the Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA). may, and may be fined. By this, a fine of up to Rs 50 lakh can be imposed on them.

Sources said that often social media influencers engage in proxy paid promotion through their videos and comments on social media platforms and indirectly persuade their followers to use or consume a particular product through their views. affect for.

Till now there are no guidelines to stop such pseudo propaganda by social media influencers, so now government has come up with rules to stop this practice.

Sources said these guidelines will also apply to financial influencers.


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