Privacy Policy

Googleinfoblogs understands the value of privacy for every individual visitor

This statement of privacy policy carries out the journey of the Purpose of writing this Privacy Policy is to ascertain all visitors about our concern and seriousness about their privacy. Googleinfoblogs only collects information that is non personally identifiable typically made available by browsers and servers. We collect information like type of browser, language preference, date and time to visit etc.

The purpose of collecting this information is only to understand how Googleinfoblogs visitors are using this website. From time to time, we may update our privacy policy. Every visitor is recommended to check and understand our privacy policy before using our services.

We understand every website user has already read and agreed with our privacy policy norms.  We do not share your personal information to any third party user or business. Sharing of your personally identifiable information is bound in case of legal procedures.

Personally Identifiable Information

As per global privacy law and information security, personally identifiable information relates to the detail of user which can be used with contact, location, visiting tile etc. 

What information we collect?

During registration of our website, we ask to submit name, email id or phone number as a unique mean of identification for you.  We collect information from you when you register on our website, make some purchases,subscribe to news letter, fill any form, or give your response to any survey. 

How we use your information?

We can use information in following ways:

  • In order to personalize your experience, and let us understand your exact needs so that we can serve you in a better manner
  • To bring improvement in our website 
  • To allow ourselves be able to identify your customer service needs
  • To send emails related to your orders or other products or services.

How we protect your information

We never use any vulnerable tools. We always use advanced tools and technology in our website in order to ensure secure processing and storage of all data including your privacy information. We only use websites for sharing the right information. We don’t ask for sensitive information like name, email address, or credit card numbers etc.

We use cookies

We use cookies to understand your needs, and provide you a better service experience. If you don’t want us to use your information through cookies, you can simply turn off cookies from your browser settings.

Third party links

We may include third party products, services or website links. Logo, images or links anything used in our website is for information purpose, not to violate the terms of any brand or defame others. These third party websites have different privacy policies. Navigating to those websites will bond you to the privacy policy served by them. We shall not be liable for any harm or privacy issue caused to you by clicking any third party links mentioned in our information.