Pokémon Go developer Niantic will let you play with virtual pets with Peridot


Niantic, the developer behind the famous game Pokemon Go, has announced its next gaming venture and what it hopes will include the addition of cute creatures. The company has announced a new AR (Augmented Reality) game called Peridot.

The newly announced game is about cute Tamagotchi-like AR creatures called peridots (or simply dots), which players need to care for and raise. Explaining the premise of the game, Niantic said that Peridots are creatures that have woken up after thousands of years of sleep and need players’ protection to save them from extinction.

“You’ll foster your own peridots when you begin this experience. These are creatures that feel so real, you’ll love them every moment from birth to adulthood. As you explore the world together you’ll get to learn more about your furry new friends as you raise and play with them, and work with other players to diversify their species,” said Niantic. Written in blog post.

Peridots will need to be domesticated, played, fed, and taught to keep players healthy and help them thrive. They will be able to expand their collection of peridot species by collaborating with other players around the world.

One of the defining things about peridot is that each creature is unique and has its own set of characteristics and characteristics. Niantic says that some may even resemble animals such as cheetahs, dragons and unicorns.

As far as availability is concerned, Niantic said it will soon make the game available via soft launch on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store in select markets. The company said that it will use the beta phase to get feedback about the game. Meanwhile, the company is letting interested people pre-register so that they can do so when the game is available in their region.

Pokemon Go developer Niantic Post will let you play with virtual pets in which Peridot first appeared on BGR India.

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