PlayStation Plus vs. Xbox Game Pass: Which service trumps the other


Sony has finally announced its new PlayStation Plus service, which combines PS Plus and PS Now with a few added benefits. This new service will compete with Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass. While the new PS Plus service will launch in June, the company has already announced its key details. Here we’ll take a look at how the revamped PS Plus service compares to Xbox Game Pass.


Modified PS Plus is divided into three categories: essential, additional and premium. The Essential tier costs $10 (approximately Rs 758) per month, $25 (approximately Rs 1896) per quarter and $60 (approximately Rs 4,551) per year. The extra tier costs $15 (approximately Rs 1,137) per month, $40 (approximately Rs 3,034) per quarter and $100 (approximately Rs 7,586) per year. Lastly, the premium service costs $18 per month (approximately Rs 1,365), $50 per quarter (approximately Rs 3,793) and $120 per year (approximately Rs 9,104).

Xbox Game Pass is also offered in three different tiers PC Game Pass, Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass cost $10 (approximately Rs 758) per month, $30 (approximately Rs 2,276) per quarter and $120 (approximately Rs 9,104) per year. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs $15 (approximately Rs 1,137) per month, $45 (approximately Rs 3,414) per quarter and $180 (approximately Rs 13,656) per year.

Microsoft’s Game Pass service is also available in India, with PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass starting at Rs 489 per month, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate starting at Rs 699 per month. New users in India will initially get a Game Pass subscription for eight months.

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The PS Plus Essentials plan will include all the benefits of an existing PS Plus subscription, such as free games every month, discounts on games and other content, cloud storage for saved games, and access to online multiplayer.

Under the Extra Tier, players will have access to a catalog of up to 400 PS4 and PS5 games, including “blockbuster hits” from PlayStation Studios and third-party publishers. This tier will cover all the benefits of the Essentials tier.

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Under the Premium subscription, players will have access to 340 additional games, along with access to all the benefits of essential and additional levels. These additional games will include select PS3, PS2, PS1 and PSP titles. Players will also get access to cloud streaming support and time-limited trials for some PS4 games.

The company has said that it will also host a deluxe tier, which will be made available in select markets that do not support cloud streaming. It will be placed under the premium tier. Like the Premium tier, the Deluxe tier will support PS1, PS2 and PSP games, as well as time-limited game trials and all the other benefits of the Essentials and Extras.

After the launch of the new PS Plus service, the company will discontinue its PS Now subscription. All existing users will be migrated to PS Plus Premium at no additional monthly cost.

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Xbox Game Pass sounds a lot better than the better PS Plus service from what we know. Its biggest advantage is that all first-party games and select third-party titles are made available to all subscribers on day one. In addition, various new titles are added to the service every month. Microsoft continues to expand its gaming portfolio by acquiring major studios, one of the biggest acquisitions being Activision Blizzard, with which we expect the studio to make all games available on the platform.

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Other benefits include discounts on games and content as well as free monthly perks like bonuses for Halo Infinity, Forza Horizon 5 and more.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate takes this to the next step by bundling a complimentary subscription to EA Play, which allows users to gain access to EA’s vast game catalog. This tier also includes complimentary Xbox Live Gold, which gives users features like online play, cloud game streaming, and free games with gold titles every month.


No service is worth its value without good content, the same goes for game streaming services.

Sony is giving users access to over 700 games, including older-gen titles, with its PS Plus premium tier. However, clarity on the list of games is yet to be provided. But it has assured players that Death Stranding, God of War, Spider-Man, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Mortal Kombat 11 and Returnal will be there at launch. Additionally, the service will also bring titles available through the PlayStation Now streaming service and monthly free games that PS Plus subscribers currently get.

Xbox Game Pass is already packed with a catalog of over 100 titles. New titles keep coming in, old titles leave the service. Game Pass Ultimate subscribers also get monthly freebies with access to a huge catalog of backwards compatible titles. Don’t forget access to EA Play, which adds titles like FIFA, Battlefield and more. In addition, the service recently got some Ubisoft titles for its customers to play.

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One of the major differences between the platforms is access to the first day’s release. Microsoft gives its Game Pass customers access to its own games and certain third-party titles on launch day at no additional cost to members. These include titles such as Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction, Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5. The company plans to continue this.

Sony is taking a different route and will cycle into games at a much later date when they are a bit older.

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