Oz Motorola Razr gets Android 11 update as Samsung launches new foldable

OG Motorola Razr gets Android 11 update as Samsung launches new foldables

The new Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G may be an eye candy for you and your wallet but let’s not forget the Oz phone that started the trend of flip phones today. Yes, we are talking about the Motorola Razr which raised eyebrows around the world in the late 201s. Today, in 2021, this king is getting the Android 11 update.

Yes, it seems frustrating for Motorola’s glamorous flagship in recent times when the world is getting ready to get Android 11. Symbol of the recent past, though it tries to get the next king without any launch this year. Update rollout is limited to units in the United States.

Motorola Razr has received the latest Android update

From 2019 the OG Razr was basically a midrange Android phone that was equipped with fancy outfits and had a clever folding display. For a phone that sold for Rs 1.5 lakh in early 2020, Razor was using a dated and weak Snapdragon 1010 chip that had only 1 GB of RAM and 12 GB of storage. The phone had a terrific camera for its time. Build quality itself was questionable.

However, the King got the idea right, especially its crease-less fold display (a clever hinge that slides the display under the chin) and a large quick view display; The latter is Samsung copying for its latest Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G.

Motorola later refined its implementation with the Razr 5G and it proved to be a dramatic improvement over the original model. Razor 5G sold at a slightly lower price, made with advanced materials, a modern Snapdragon 765G chip inside, 5G network supported, better camera and much more.

According to rumors, Motorola is taking time with the third generation king. Competition in the flip phone segment has intensified with Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3, which boasts of sophisticated specs, beautiful design and more smart features.

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