Oxenfree game free to download for Netflix subscribers


Video streaming platform Netflix is ​​making the Oxenfree game available to its users for free with a subscription, more than six years after the game’s PC debut and five years after debuting for iOS and Android users.

According to Engadget, users can now download the new “Netflix Edition” of the game from the iOS and Android app stores. This version of Oxenfree has expanded localization support.

Users can now play popular games with subtitles in over 30 languages.

The popular game has joined Netflix’s game catalog, the report said, but is particularly notable for being released in-house.

The company acquired Oxenfree developer Night School Studios last year.

The company will release ‘Desta: The Memories Between’, the latest project from Monument Valley developer Ustvo, on September 27. It also teased that the critically acclaimed Kentucky Route Zero would “soon” be available for free as well.


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