Over 2 million WhatsApp accounts banned in India in December 2021: Here’s why


WhatsApp in its latest compliance report announced that it banned over 2 million accounts in India in the period of December 2021. This is not the first time that the messaging platform has banned so many accounts at once. In November, the messaging platform banned more than 1.75 million accounts in the country.

Of the 20,79,000 banned Indian accounts, 95 percent were involved in unauthorized use of automated or bulk messaging. In simple words, most of these accounts have been banned for forwarding messages containing misinformation or forwarding a certain message to too many contacts over and over again.

As per the latest compliance report, WhatsApp received 528 complaint reports, out of which 149 were account support requests, 303 ban appeals, 29 other support, 34 product support and 13 safety requests.

In November, WhatsApp banned over 1.75 million Indian accounts while receiving 602 complaint reports.

Is your WhatsApp account banned?

If your WhatsApp account has been recently banned, it may be because you have violated some of the guidelines provided by the platform. Some reasons why your account may be banned:

  • Bulk forwarding misinformation messages

  • Multiple frequent sharing of messages in bulk.

  • Indulging in abusive behavior.

-You must be using the unofficial version of the messaging app. WhatsApp is only available for download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Using the mod may result in your account being banned.

  • Adding contacts to a group without their permission.

Forwarding promotional messages to unknown numbers can result in your WhatsApp account being banned.

  • Sending vague messages or being part of an illegal group may result in your account being banned.

The messaging platform has issued a compliance report every month since May 2021, when the new IT regulations came into force.

As per the IT regulations, large digital platforms with more than 5 million users will be required to publish compliance reports every month. In the report, these platforms will have to give details of complaints received during the month and action taken.

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