Oppo’s 240W charging technology coming soon: Report


Charging technology has improved rapidly over the years. Earlier this year, Xiaomi introduced the Xiaomi 11i HyperCharge which can fully charge a smartphone in less than 20 minutes. Now, word is that the upcoming smartphone of iQoo, i.e. iQoo 10 Pro will come with 200W fast charging technology that will charge the phone in less than 12 minutes. If that’s not enough for you it certainly will: a Chinese original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is working towards developing 240W charging technology.

According to a report by Digital Chat Station (Via GizmoChina), an unnamed Chinese OEM is trial-producing a 24Volts – 10Amp charger that is capable of delivering 240W fast charging speeds. Although the tipster did not share which Chinese company is working on offering this fast charging technology, however, reports suggest that the company in question could be Oppo.

What is fueling this report is the fact that Oppo showcased this technology to its 240W SuperVOC fast charging technology at an event in February. Although the technology it demonstrated was a prototype, it could charge a 4,500mAh battery in just under nine minutes. Also, the company has not announced when its fast charging technology will arrive on the smartphone. But now, new reports suggest that it may happen sooner.

If this is true, then the next-gen premium smartphone from Oppo – possibly one of its X-series smartphones – could come with 240W fast charging technology, which in turn will push the limits of fast charging technology further.

It is not for nothing that as of now, companies like Xiaomi have been offering 120W fast charging technology to users through its Xiaomi 11i Hypercharge 5G and iQoo through its iQoo 9 Pro 5G. Then there are companies that are offering users 80W fast charging technology through their Realme GT Neo 3 smartphone which claims to fully charge the phone in just 12 minutes. As mentioned earlier, fast charging technology is changing rapidly. While this technology is currently mainly confined to smartphones, it is expected to reach laptops, tablets and other battery-powered devices in the coming years. That said, there is a reasonable limit to which the limits of fast charging technology can be pushed until it is safe to use. But it cannot be said when we will reach that threshold.

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