Oppo Renault 6 Pro 5G Review: Fast and flamboyant

Oppo Reno 6 Pro 5G

Oppo got its game right in the premium smartphone space. It is doing all sorts of interesting experimental stuff, including the Find X series on the one hand, i.e. rollable display phones, microscope cameras and the like. On the other hand, there is the Renault series which has spiced up things that are on the border of the conventional smartphone state. The Renault 6 series is the next chapter in the series.

Both the Renault 6 and Renault 6 Pro are the two best smartphones you can buy in India regardless of price. The Renault 6 iPhone 12-Eski has got a flat edge, but that’s what kept our initial vision of the Renault 6 Pro: partly for its design and partly for what’s underneath. Therefore, I was interested in using the Aurora Renault 6 Pro for fortnightly to find out what I was interested in. Mind you, it costs Rs 39,990.

Eater caution: OnePlus 9R has got all these spices for the all-rounder in the sub-space of Rs 40,000, surpassing the IQ7 Legend.


The word “Renault” has become synonymous with Oppo’s best smartphone of the year since the release of the Renault 10X Zoom. Since January the Renault 5 Pro has been a head turner with its matte “Renault Glow” design. With the Renault 6 Pro, Oppo has just further polished the components. A classy Galaxy Note-inspired camera hump and bright colors that set it apart from its predecessor.

Oppo’s Renault Glow speaks great about the design and I’m totally appreciative of it. The Renault 6 Pro is a phone that looks enchanting when placed in a corner.

There are all sorts of color variations going on under the matte glass, all of which are going to set the Renault 6 Pro apart in a sea of ​​dull smartphones. The surface is also resistant to fog and scratches (unless I have used it): I never put it in this protective case.

Going lightweight is also an important issue and Oppo has also nailed it. Despite the curved edge display and slim rail, the Renault 6 Pro is a comfortable phone to hold. Weight distribution is spot-on and there is roughly no area of ​​the handprint. In fact, you may not even realize that the frame is made of plastic unless you go into your anti-plastic investigation mode. I don’t remember the last time I did all the praise for the comfort of a curved-display smartphone ises

Oppo Renault 6 Pro 5G

Despite the premium charge, Oppo does not avoid in-box accessories. The phone comes with a pre-applied screen protector and a plastic transparent case. The box contains a charging set and a pair of wired earphones! No other premium smartphone nowadays makes a pair of earphones in a box!


Similar to the Renault 5 Pro, the Renault 6 Pro uses a gorgeous curved-edge AMOLED display that measures across 6.5-inches. This is not the best smartphone show I’ve seen this year but the overall experience is with the top names. The color calibration is great – usually amyloid saturation is present but it doesn’t burn with your eyes. The level of brightness is great in the interior of the house but the sunlight is easy to access directly under the summer sun.

Oppo Renault 6 Pro 5G

Seen from an extreme angle there is some loss of color accuracy but this is not a concern for the regular customer. The 90Hz refresh rate contributes to a smooth scrolling experience while the 180Hz touch sampling rate makes the display more responsive. The OSIE feature enlivens non-SDR videos, which is a good extra for movie lovers.

That said, the premium would have to be paid for this phone, a 120Hz display could justify the extra. The Vivo X60 Pro, OnePlus 9R and IQ7 Legend display quickly as standard.


One of the main reasons why the Renault 6 Pro exists is that the performance of the MediaTek Dimension 1200 is given to the average Renault buyer. Compared to the Renault 5 Pro’s Dimension 1000+, the new version offers comparable performance with the Snapdragon 870 chip. I have already experienced the power of this chipset in Realm X7 Max and Renault 6 Pro, it delivers on expectations.

Oppo Renault 6 Pro 5G

Combined with efficient color SOS 11.3, Dimension 1200 makes for impeccable everyday performance. Smooth animations, fast app loading time and an aesthetically pleasing design make using the Renault 6 Pro a beautiful experience. Fantastic optimization translates into no noticeable breaks or junkie animations even when I run the phone at its speed. A few hours of social media browsing, ogling on YouTube videos, and even some editing on the Salup app don’t seem to throw away the hardware.

If you’re into mobile gaming, the Renault 6 Pro won’t disappoint there. Light-on-system games like Shadow Fight 4: Arena and F1 Collision are driven by their best iterations. Strong titles like Battlegrounds Mobile India and Call of Duty: Mobile settings perform happily with the most out (graphics are not the highest when these two games can only have the highest frame rate). Even after an hour of turning the controls on I was unable to witness the annoying frame drop.

With long sessions of gaming, the back of the phone warms up around the cameras. However, it is never too uncomfortable to hold and does not seem to have any adverse effect on performance.

Oppo Renault 6 Pro 5G

Oppo, however, has focused on the experience here, and similar to the X2 Pro flagship search since last year, the interface may be a year older now, relying heavily on the Renault 6 Pro ColorOS 11, but it’s much older. With all the important functions within reach it is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. Subtle haptic feedback on the scrolling list, unlocking the fingerprint sensor, and dialing immersion by interacting with application shortcut menus.

Flavored customization options for EOD, Icon Color, Theme and Oppo Sans fonts simply take the application further. The overall experience of the software is similar to the expensive Galaxy S21 series phones with Samsung’s OneUI.

And similar to these high-end Samsung phones, you’ll find preloaded apps as well as intermittent ad-like notifications from some people. As the default browser continues to display news articles throughout the day, the Salup app notifies. The Arefun app also keeps spamming notifications. Why does a customer who pays a premium for a smartphone have to endure all this?

Oppo Renault 6 Pro 5G

The story sinks further. Unlike its rivals, the Renault 6 Pro gets a smaller single loudspeaker and its audio is sub-par. The stereo speaker setup is standard for any phone of this price and the Oppo missing for it is amazing. The amount of calls for higher Indian ambulances abroad is less. That said, I have experienced reliable network connectivity to Geo’s network even in some complex places.

The camera

Oppo talks great about videography performance on the Renault 6 Pro. The Bokeh Flair portrait mode looks promising on paper and after testing it in different lighting situations, I can confirm that these claims are not just gimmicks marketing. Video Bokeh portrait mode acts as an ad, maintaining a vibrant (albeit brighter than usual) color while keeping an accurate track of thematic division.

Oppo Renault 6 Pro 5G

The cameras still hold their own when you surround your moving subject in a shopping mall. Despite the sub-optimal light, it perfectly dominates the human figure without dropping the hair strands. Regular video footage looks very nice in 30K fps and 1080p and 30fps in both 4K. The lack of OIS is visible in 60 fps mode (only available in 1080p) and you need to rely on aggressive EIS to reduce shaking. In low and indoor light, the camera tends to illuminate everything but trained eyes can detect sound and detail of sound.

Overall video performance is still a few miles behind the iPhone 12’s videography, but there’s a lot for non-Pro users and even emerging bloggers to like about the Renault 6 Pro’s video capabilities.

With still photography, the Renault 6 Pro strives hard to maintain that breadth. The main 4-megapixel camera is well-tuned to provide sharper images in daylight with increased saturation and great exposure control. Unlike an iPhone 12, this camera wants to make everything more appealing than real with a little touch-up. I can’t deny that it encourages the user to take more pictures.

Even in low light and indoors the camera does a good job of keeping the details intact without the sound of the sound The saturated color tones are more obvious but within the “pleasant range”. The night mode tries to get the colors correctly while the AI ​​mode auto mode tries to blend in with the colors. Compared to the night mode on the Galaxy S20F5G, this Oppo details have some disadvantages.

Oppo Renault 6 Pro 5G// e embed r.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

The 8-megapixel ultra-wide camera doesn’t work wonderfully with details, but the photos are reliable in both daylight as well as night conditions. Colors are added near the main camera output and in night mode, you can get back some lucrative details from them.

Sadly, the 2-megapixel macro camera does not match the performance of the other two cameras. Despite providing adequate lighting, macro photos become softer with weaker sharpness and trivial details. The cost-cutting seems to be the reason for choosing the awful macro camera instead of just the misused telephoto camera. Oppo needs to see the 5-megapixel macro camera output on Xiaomi’s smartphone.

Sorrow continues with the 32-megapixel front camera. On a sunny day, you can expect the most detailed selfie with vibrant colors and a slightly softer skin. However, most users take selfies at home and this is where the Renault 6 Pro fights. The camera loses important details like sharpness and texture of hair strands and fabrics. There is a possibility that Oppo will have to tune this camera better.


With its 4500 mAh battery and clever optimization, the Renault 6 Pro 5G can easily last a full day in a combination of 4G and Wi-Fi networks. On the Renault 6 Pro I’m finishing my busiest WFH office days with about 30 percent charge. Note that my use includes an average of 2-3 hours of voice calls, answering emails, browsing social media for up to two hours, streaming music, 30 minutes of gaming, and occasional photography.

Charging the Renault 6 Pro is no big deal. W5W Supervision 2.0 requires less than five percent charge for half an hour of charging requires these days it is very convenient when you need to get out quickly and not spend too much time for a quick refill. That said, the Renault 6 Pro lacks wireless charging and features the same-priced Galaxy S20FE5G (at 15W).


Oppo Renault 6 Pro 5G

Oppo is trying to appeal to the fashion conscious and non-geek crowd including the Renault 6 Pro. The tantalizing design makes the smartphone attractive with gorgeous rainbow-like colors, tough build quality and unique videography features. The Dimension 1200 chip takes care of all the performance needs and people in a gaming mood don’t want to do much more. And despite having a high-end chip, the battery easily lasts a whole day.

So does this mean that it is literally the best overall smartphone below Rs 50,000? It happens a lot but blindly for that you have to read into Oppo’s target audience. The IQU7 Legend has more raw power and a slightly better camera for the same price. The Mi 11X Pro offers the same for the same kind of price. And since we’re talking specs, the iPhone SE and iPhone XR don’t mind anything for their perfect performance capabilities and peace of mind experience.

But the Renault 6 Pro is more concerned about standing out. It makes you feel special every time you hold it. This is a fashion statement for your personality. It’s got tools to make your quick Instagram stories amazing. And it’s got all the fancy tech stuff of your choice (5G, fast charging and likes).

At Rs 39,990, the Oppo Renault 6 Pro is a great experience. It’s a breath of fresh air from the world’s strictly business-like OnePlus, Samsung and Xiaomis. If you’re earning Rs 40,000 to spend on a smartphone this summer, we recommend trying the Renault 6 Pro once.

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