Oppo Find N2 Flip Review: The Perfect Galaxy Z Flip 4 Competitor


Foldable phones have become a part of the mainstream smartphone market over the past few years. While smartphone makers have been launching devices in both notebook-style and clamshell-style forms, the latter has emerged as a more popular option, especially among content creators and influencers. To meet this growing demand for clamshell-style foldable phones in the market, Oppo launched the Oppo Find N2 Flip at a global launch event last month. After about a month, the company brought this phone to India.

The Oppo Find N2 Flip is the successor to the Oppo Find N that was launched back in 2021, and debuted in China in December last year before making its way to global markets. In India, the Oppo Find N2 Flip is available at a price of Rs 89,999, and it competes with the Galaxy Z Flip 4 that arrived in the country in August last year at a price of Rs 89,999.

Both the phones, i.e. Oppo Find N2 Flip and Galaxy Z Flip 4, can look quite similar from a distance, especially when you look at the Purple color variant of the device. However, taking a closer look you notice all the finer and some more obvious details that make a world of difference and in some cases give the Find N2 Flip an edge over the Galaxy Z Flip 4.

We’ll discuss all of that and more in the review below. But before that let’s take a look at the specifications of the Oppo Find N2 Flip.

Image: Techlusive/Shweta Ganju

Oppo Find N2 Flip: Specifications

Primary Performance: 6.8-inch 120Hz E6 AMOLED display
Secondary Performance: 3.26-inch AMOLED display with 900 nits peak brightness
Processor: MediaTek Dimensity 9000+
to hit: 8 GB LPDDR5
storage: 256 GB UFS 3.1 storage
Operating System: ColorOS 13.0 based on Android 13
Camera: 50MP Primary + 8MP Ultra-Wide Angle, 32MP Selfie Camera
Battery: 4,300mAh battery with 44W SuperVOOCTM charging
Connectivity: 5G, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.3
colour’s: Astral Black and Moonlit Purple
worth: Rs 89,999

Oppo Find N2 Flip review: Design

The Oppo Find N2 comes with a polished aluminum frame that blends in with the glass casing on the outside. It features a dual camera setup along with a 3.26-inch display with a chrome lens ring that covers the better part of the screen. At the bottom is the branding of Oppo and Hasselblad. On the other hand, the hinge houses a large OPPO logo with a criss-cross lighting effect, which looks particularly interesting and impressive. On the right you get the volume rockers along with the home button which also serves as the fingerprint sensor and on the bottom you get a SIM-card tray, a USB Type-C port for charging and the speaker.

Details aside, while the Oppo Find N2 Flip looks a lot like the Galaxy Flip 4 from a distance, up close it couldn’t be more different. Sure, the form factor is the same, and it will be the same for a lot of devices, but it’s some small details and some big ones that make all the difference. For starters, the Find N2 Flip comes with a larger Cover Display for more usage. More on that later. Furthermore, the hinge of the phone also offers a more gentle opening mechanism, which means you use significantly less force to open it. It also makes it incredibly easy to open the phone with one hand.

In dimensions, however, the Find N2 Flip is slightly larger and heavier than the Galaxy Flip 4. If you’ve used the latter, it’s hard to miss the difference. But this does not affect the daily use of the phone at all. It’s still incredibly comfortable to use for long periods of time and it fits snugly enough inside the back pocket of your jeans.

Image: Techlusive/Shweta Ganju

Oppo Find N2 Flip Review: Display

First of all, let’s talk about the cover display. The Oppo Find N2 Flip sports a 3.26-inch AMOLED secondary display which, unlike the Galaxy Z Flip, covers almost 70 percent of the top of the phone. This large display makes the screen more useful, especially for accessing the phone’s quick settings menu and widgets, while checking and replying to messages and notifications. It also makes it easier for users to capture images from the rear camera when the phone is folded. What adds to the overall charm and utility of the cover display are the Always-on-Display (AOD), animations like GIFs and Bitmoji, one swipe functionality to access apps like Paytm and Google Pay on the cover screen and manage your transactions holds back. , The cover display also serves the purpose of unlocking the phone if face recognition is enabled, making the overall usage more secure.

The main display is equally comfortable to use. When unfolded, you get a 6.8-inch 120Hz AMOLED display with 1600 nits of peak brightness and a resolution of 2520 x 1080 pixels. Number one aside, the primary display is a gorgeous piece of ultra-thin-glass (UTG) that leaves almost no trace of creases. It’s barely visible, which makes all the difference and gives this phone an edge over other foldables with clam-shell-like designs. Plus, the Find N2 Flip has a well-lit screen that’s readable even under Delhi’s bright spring sun. Colors are all bright and balanced, making for a great viewing experience, especially when you’re watching those TV series and food videos.

Oppo Find N2 Flip review: Camera

Talking about the cameras, the Oppo Find N2 Flip sports a 50MP primary camera with Sony’s IMX890 sensor. This is joined by an 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens with Sony’s IMX 355 sensor. On the front, the phone sports a 32MP selfie camera with Sony’s IMX 709 sensor. Additionally, the phone packs Oppo’s MariSilicon X chip for better video experience. Now, these cameras have been developed in partnership with Hasselblad, making them the perfect photography companion.

In use, both the front and rear cameras of the phone can be used in different ways due to the form factor of the phone. Firstly, you can use the rear camera setup of the phone to click images when the phone is folded. The large cover display aids in the overall process and it makes it easy for you to click images on a subject-wise basis with more flexibility. It also makes it easier for you to click selfies with the more powerful and versatile rear cameras. And if you need a bigger screen to view the subject and play with, you can always open the Find N2 Flip and click images the traditional way. You can even use the rear camera setup as a camcorder when the phone is opened at a 90-degree angle.

Similarly, the selfie camera can be used to click images when folded at a 90-degree angle, apart from clicking images in the conventional way. This setup is also great for content producers and influencers to shoot live videos or for those times when you’re on video calls with your family or friends.

Talking about quality. The phone takes beautiful pictures and captures details and shadows to perfection. There’s enough depth and clarity even when there’s not enough light. When the lighting is sufficient, the captured subject is almost as good as you would see it with the naked eye. But when there isn’t enough ambient light, colors shuffle between picture perfect and extra levels of saturation. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing—in some cases, it adds a little drama to your Insta-worthy images, as was the case with my pasta. Doesn’t it sound delectable?

Oppo Find N2 Fliphttps://embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

The phone manages to maintain this balance even in low light while taking pictures without any noise and with ample clarity and character.

Talking about the selfie camera, the phone captures bright and clear images from the front camera. Turning on Portrait Mode lets other features ‘beautify’ in addition to focusing on you. Some may like it, I don’t. Overall, the Find N2 Flip excels in the camera department.

Image: Techlusive/Shweta Ganju

Oppo Find N2 Flip Review: Performance and Battery

In terms of performance, the Oppo Find N2 Flip is powered by MediaTek’s flagship Dimensity 9000+ chipset paired with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage space. This chipset offers smooth and blip-free performance no matter what you throw at it. Whether you are watching your favorite series over the weekend, or going about your daily work routine or you are busy interacting with your fans in an hour long live broadcast on Instagram or YouTube, this chipset and consequently the phone, Doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. It is a reliable partner and it lets you multitask on the same 6.8-inch screen with ease owing to its foldable features. It is equally efficient in unlocking the phone via fingerprint sensor and face recognition system.

On the software front, the Oppo Find N2 Flip runs Android 13-based ColorOS 13, which means you have a lot to play with. However, the phone has a ton of additional apps that you might not be a fan of. neither was I. Thankfully, getting rid of these apps isn’t difficult, which makes the whole experience a little more bearable.

Lastly, talking about the battery, the phone packs a 4,300mAh battery with 44W SuperVOOC charging technology. The phone gets charged to roughly 50 percent and 100 percent in about 50 minutes. It lasted for about a day and a half with normal usage, which includes about an hour of social media and OTT time for me, and endless mails, messages and calls.

Should you buy Oppo Find N2 Flip or not?

The answer is simply yes. The Oppo Find N2 Flip is a powerful and well thought out foldable phone. It wisely uses the space available to it and offers all the features and some more that are available in clam-shell style foldables. With a powerful camera setup, large display, soft opening mechanism, non-existent crease and long battery life, the Find N2 Flip not only competes with the Galaxy Flip 4 but even replaces it in some cases. All in all, it’s a winner.

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