OnePlus aims to sell 25 million Nord phones by 2023, with big plans ahead

OnePlus aims to sell 25 million Nord phones by 2023, big plans ahead

OnePlus launched the Nord smartphone series last year with the aim of adding more value to the budget. The company certainly has big goals with its new, much more affordable Nord series. OnePlus India Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer and Head of India Sales, Navneet Nakra confirmed to that the company aims to sell 25 million Nord series units by 2023.

“Given the signed Nord experience in the price category, we estimate that by the end of 2023, the accumulated sales volume of the OnePlus Nord product line will reach 25 million units worldwide,” Nakra said.

In India, OnePlus currently offers two Nord phones with Nord CE 5G and the new Nord 2 5G. The first phone in the series, the OnePlus Nord, was launched in India last year. With the launch of the new Nord phone this year, the Chinese smartphone maker has shut down the original Nord. was the first in the country to announce the closure of the original OnePlus Nord.

Nakra highlighted that the OnePlus Nord has received a massive response from Indian consumers. “The OnePlus Nord OnePlus brought the highest open sales day in history and saw tremendous reception from the community,” he said. Nakra added that OnePlus has recorded a growth of more than 300 percent in Q21 2021 with OnePlus Nord and OnePlus 8T shipments.

Big plans ahead

On the front, the Chinese smartphone maker aims to simultaneously focus on both the flagship and the affordable Nord series. In the future, “our focus will remain on the development of the Nord Line as well as the flagship line,” Nakra said.

5G seems to be the main focus area for the global leading brand. Elaborating on future plans, Nakra said, “5G is a priority in our product strategy at OnePlus. We identified the need for this from the outset and are the first driver in 5G R&D development. We have invested 30 30 million in 5G research and are committed to it. “As advances in 5G technology continue to accelerate, our devices, starting with the OnePlus 8 series, are equipped to complement this experience and provide users with a seamless transition.”

For India, Nakra said the country’s R&D team is focusing on 5G software development efforts as well as field testing efforts, working closely with global stakeholders such as telecom operators and Qualcomm. “When India is ready for 5G, we are ready for 5G,” he said.

In the future, OnePlus aims to create smartphones that are compatible with the needs of the market and users. “We are already working closely with Indian operators to monitor regional developments and conduct our field-testing efforts with local operators so that OnePlus users can enjoy a fast and smooth 5G experience whenever 5G spectrum is ready,” Nakra said.

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