One dead and two injured in EV battery explosion in Hyderabad


In another incident, one died and two others were injured when an electric vehicle (EV) battery exploded in Hyderabad. As per reports, the owners of the scooter had put the detachable battery on charge, but it exploded after a few hours of charging and the police have registered an FIR against e-scooter maker Pure EV.

In the past few days, electric scooters from OEMs including Okinawa, Ola, Jitendra EV, and Pure EV have caught fire recently,

one in StatementThe company said that it is cooperating with local authorities and is getting all the information from users.

“We deeply regret the incident and extend our condolences to the bereaved family. Fully cooperating with the local authorities and seeking complete details from the user. The incident happened two days ago,” Pure EV said in a statement.

“We do not have any record of sale of this vehicle or service by the user in the database. We are ascertaining whether the vehicle was purchased through second hand sale,” the company said.

Recently Pure EV caught fire near Mathur toll plaza in Manjampakkam area outside North Chennai.

“We are investigating the incident and will make a thorough assessment. “We adhere to the highest safety standards by applying rigorous internal testing as well as special phase change materials to our battery packs,” the company said in a statement to The Economic Times recently.

Earlier this week, a video of an Ola S1 electric scooter catching fire had surfaced online. The vehicle was parked on the roadside in Pune at the time of the incident. Responding to the incident, the company said that it is investigating the matter.

In another incident, a father-daughter duo died after an Okinawa e-bike caught fire in Tamil Nadu’s Vellore. “According to reliable sources, media and local officials, it is a clear case of short circuit due to negligence in charging the vehicle. We will wait for the full investigation to unfold,” the company said in response to the incident.

In the third incident, an electric scooter was reported to have caught fire in Trichy’s Manapparai. No casualties have been reported in this incident.

These incidents have not gone unnoticed by the central government. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has ordered an inquiry into the incidents of fire in electric scooters. The Center for Fire Explosive and Environmental Safety (CFEES) is investigating.

One person was killed and two injured at BGR India for the first time since an EV battery explosion in Hyderabad.

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