Ola S1 Pro Guwahati accident: Ola responds to allegations of faulty scooter


An Ola S1 Pro rider met with an accident in Guwahati. A lone rider was involved in that accident and he suffered major injuries. The father of the electric scooter man blamed Ola for the faulty hardware. He gave detailed information about the incident in a tweet. Responding to the allegations, Ola Electric disclosed its findings of the scooter accident investigation.

In a tweet detailing the accident, the scooter’s owner claimed that the accident took place on March 26. He claimed that his son met with an accident while the scooter was being driven, which was due to a fault in regenerative braking. He claimed that instead of slowing down the speed of the scooter accelerated, which led to the accident.

The rider’s father claimed that he suffered a fracture in his left hand and 16 stitches in his right hand due to the accident. He has also shared pictures on Twitter.


Ola Electric Response

Responding to the entire episode and allegations, Ola Electric issued a detailed statement, claiming that it has conducted an investigation. According to Ola’s investigation, the rider was overspeeding overnight. As per their findings, the accident was caused by panic braking. He vehemently denied the allegations, saying there was nothing wrong with the vehicle being driven.

The statement said, “We conducted a thorough investigation of the accident and the data clearly shows that the rider was speeding throughout the night, and applied the brakes in panic, causing the vehicle to lose control. Nothing in the vehicle Not wrong.”

Ola used the data of the scooter to find out what happened before and during the accident. The EV maker claims that they have speed data for a 30-minute period leading up to the accident. Their operating system tracks the various vehicle sensor data that they receive in real time.

As per the findings and graphs shared by Ola Electric, the scooter was being driven at a speed of 115 kmph. At the time of the accident, Ola Electric claims that the rider used all three brakes which include front brake, rear brake and regenerative brake. The speed of the scooter dropped from 80 kmph to 0 in just three seconds.


Ola S1 Pro after Guwahati accident: Ola is the first to respond to allegations of faulty scooter on BGR India.

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