Ola S1 buyers are getting the Ola S1 Pro at the same price, but are there any real benefits?

Ola electric scooter S1, S1 Pro launched: Price in your state, models, colours, top features, when to book

Ola Electric is offering some Ola S1 users a free upgrade to Ola S1 Pro. While this may seem like a tempting bonus being offered to a few lucky buyers, there is more to it. The Ola S1 packs a 2.98kWh battery while the Ola S1 Pro packs a 3.97kWh battery. This difference increases the range of the scooter to a great extent. But will these “lucky” Ola S1 Pro owners be able to reap that benefit?

Ola S1 buyers shared posts from the company offering Ola S1 instead of Ola S1 Pro. Ola said in the post, “Customers who have ridden the Ola S1 Pro are simply blown away by the experience! Since you have been a part of Mission Electric from the very beginning, we bring you the ultimate performance and experience packed into the S1 Pro. Wanting to make it easier to experience technology. That’s why we’re giving you the Ola S1 Pro instead of the Ola S1 you just bought.”

This may come as a welcome surprise to many but we need to understand what exactly the buyer gets.


Starting with hardware. The post reveals that Ola has made available the complete hardware of Ola S1 Pro to Ola S1 buyers. But, there is a huge catch. The Ola S1 Pro that these buyers get can offer less driving range than the standard Ola S1. This is because the owners of these Ola S1 Pro scooters will not be able to utilize the full power of the motor, but the scooters come with an additional 4 kg weight. This added 4 kg weight could further reduce the driving range.

The company said that “You get access to best-in-class hardware at the same price as the Ola S1. In the future, if you want to unlock the amazing software features, range and full potential of the Ola S1 Pro, you can pay Rs.30,000/- You can do this by paying Rs.


The range and software features that make the S1 Pro a more attractive product are completely absent in these new scooters. However, the only benefit these buyers will get is the option to upgrade to Ola S1 Pro later. Till that date, buyers will have to ride the scooter with an additional 4 kg weight.

BGR.in has reached out to Ola Electric for some clarity regarding which users will be eligible for the upgrade. We have not received any response till the time of writing this article. Stay tuned for further updates.

After Ola S1, buyers are getting Ola S1 Pro at the same price, but is there any real benefit? Appeared first on BGR India.

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