Ola Electric ships all the scooters bought till date, but not all are delivered


Ola Electric has announced that they have shipped the Ola S1 and Ola S1 Pro scooters to all buyers who have paid for the electric scooter. The company’s head Bhavish Aggarwal announced this through his Twitter account.

Agarwal also shared pictures of the scooters that were ready to ship. In his tweet, he said, “Update on December delivery: We have shipped vehicles to everyone who buys.”

The company has clarified that all the scooters have been dispatched, but not all have been delivered. Many scooters are still going through the registration process, which the company said took longer than expected.

In his tweet, Agarwal said, “Some are in transit, most of which are already going through the RTO registration process at delivery centers near you. The registration process took longer than we expected as the completely digital process is new for everyone.


Ola S1 and Ola S1 Pro buyers have been demanding updates from the company regarding the delivery of their scooters. The company is facing teething issues with the delivery process and many buyers have also reported receiving damaged products that have been promised either for replacement or repair. Several buyers have also shared their ordeal in the delivery process. BGR.in also spoke to some new buyers who expected better satisfaction from Ola.

Buyers of Ola S1 recently started getting the Ola S1 Pro-ready scooter as a free upgrade. However, the features and functions of the scooter are limited to the Ola S1 spec sheet only. Buyers will be able to upgrade to the higher features and driving range of the Ola S1 Pro model by paying an additional Rs 30,000. Buyers have been sharing the update saying that they have been upgraded to Ola S1 Pro at no extra cost. However, the driving range may be limited similar to that of the Ola S1 and the features will also be restricted through the software.

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