Ola Electric Car or New S1 EV? Bhavish Aggarwal drops major hints at August 15 launch


Ola Electric has a big event scheduled for India’s Independence Day on August 15. The company’s first electric car is likely to arrive on August 15 amid huge anticipation. But the latest survey by Ola CEO Bhavish Agarwal on Twitter indicates that there could be more products. Apart from the Ola electric car, there could also be a new Ola S1 at a “low price”. Or a new “Ola cell factory.” Or even a new “exciting color on the S1.”

Agarwal had earlier tweeted a teaser about the August 15 launch event. While the teaser didn’t exactly reveal the specifications, the Ola chief said that he was “very excited to announce a new product this August 15!” This confirms that there is only going to be one product unless the company has a surprise in store. However, Agarwal added that he will “share even more about our big future plans!!” This confirms about the expansion of the portfolio of the company. For example, an Ola sale factory.


But Ola’s electric car is no dream. The company has already seen glimpses of the car. On Ola Customer Day in June, it shared a video teaser of the car, in which its LED DRLs are visible in red. The teaser also included the front and rear design of the car. The Ola logo appeared on both sides. Nothing else is official about the Ola electric car, but a report in Live Mint suggested that the car will have a coupe-style roof with 4 doors.

Days after the impending incident, Ola came under fire for handing over pink slips to a large section of its employees. Not just layoffs, several top executives of Ola Electric have resigned in a few months, raising questions about the company’s business outlook. Agarwal refuted a recent report saying that the company is not merging the business with rival Uber.

“Absolutely rubbish. We are very profitable and growing well. If some other companies want to exit their business from India they are welcome! We will never merge,” Agarwal said on Twitter.

Electric car or new S1 EV after Ola? Bhavish Aggarwal dropped key hints at the August 15 launch which first appeared on BGR India.

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