Ola Electric announces its first Lithium-Ion cell, mass production to start by 2023


Ola Electric has announced its first indigenously developed Lithium-Ion cell dubbed as NMC 2170. This lithium-ion cell will power the company’s power electric vehicles and it will go into mass production at Ola Electric’s upcoming Gigafactory by 2023.

This news was shared by Ola Electric CEO Bhavish Aggarwal through a post on Twitter. “SAIL is the heart of the EV revolution. We need to accelerate and innovate our own technology,” wrote Agarwal in a tweet, adding that the company has many things planned in the future as far as its sale goes. technology is concerned.

Apart from sharing information about the lithium-ion cell, Agarwal also shared a short video of it. take a peek:


As far as the battery details are concerned, Ola Electric said that the Ola cell has been developed keeping in mind the local requirement and uses NMC on the cathode side, and graphite and silicon on the anode side. The company also said that the use of specific chemicals and materials enables the cell to pack more energy into a given space. It also improves the overall life cycle of the cell.

“One cell is the heart of the EV revolution. Ola is building the world’s most advanced cell research center that will enable us to rapidly expand and innovate and create the most advanced and affordable EV products in the world with speed,” Ola Electric’s CEO said in a statement.

“Our first indigenously manufactured Li-ion cell is also the first of many in our cell technology roadmap. It is important for India to have a strong local EV ecosystem to become a global EV hub,” he said.

In addition to improving its SAIL technology, the company is also recruiting SAIL research and development talent around the world. Ola Electric plans to hire 500 PhDs and engineers to develop the cell technology in the coming days.

After Ola Electric announced its first Lithium-Ion cell, it appeared on BGR India for the first time to start mass production by 2023.

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