Ola and Uber refute rumors of their merger


Earlier this week, after Ola CEO Bhavish Agarwal’s meeting with Uber executives in India, there was a rumor all over India revealing that Ola and Uber may merge. The news reached Agarwal and he denied it saying that the Ola and Uber merger claims are “absolutely rubbish”.

Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal denies merger claims with Uber

“Absolutely rubbish. We are very profitable and growing well. If some other companies want to exit their business from India they are welcome! We will never merge.

Further, Ola spokesperson shared a statement on this. “We are the market leader in India and much bigger than other players. Therefore, any kind of merger is completely out of the equation. We believe that India has a lot of opportunities to unlock when it comes to mobility services. As a strong vertically integrated mobility company, we will further strengthen our position in the Indian market through any acquisitions, if at all.

After this Uber also denied the claims of this merger. “That report is wrong. Uber said, we are not in merger talks with Ola and neither are we Statement,

Uber and Ola are the two largest taxi companies in the country. While both firms provide carpool services, they have their own workspaces in other areas as well. As far as Uber is concerned, it has a food delivery service, while Ola has an electric scooter, which is probably the most controversial EV in the segment.

In related news, Ola recently announced the launch date of MoveOS 3 for the Ola S1 Pro electric scooter. MoveOS 3 will arrive on the S1 Pro on October 24th.

MoveOS 3 will bring many new features like Proximity Lock, Hill Hold, RyzenV2, Calling feature, Key Sharing and Hyper Charging.

Despite the controversies, Ola Electric Scooter is doing well in terms of sales. The company is included in the top 5 electric scooter brands in India.

BGR India was the first to appear after Ola and Uber denied their merger rumours.

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