Okinawa opens new experience center ahead of electric scooter launch


Okinawa Autotech has announced the launch of its third Okinawa Galaxy Store. A new experience center has been opened in the national capital New Delhi. In December, the company launched its first Galaxy store in Dehradun followed by its second store in Jaipur in the month of February. At Okinawa Galaxy Store, customers can interact with the products and also inquire about the brand.

Okinawa Autotech has announced that the company aims to inaugurate 40 more experience centers in the country by the end of 2022. The latest addition comes a month before the launch of its next big product. The company is gearing up to launch two new two-wheelers this year and Galaxy stores will also include these products. Okinawa will launch a high-speed electric scooter Ockhi 90. It is expected to get a range of around 200 km.

Interested buyers will be able to browse through Okinawa’s high-speed and low-speed scooters. The scooter will be priced between Rs 61,998 and Rs 82,995 in the low-speed category that includes the Okinawa R30, Lite and Dual. Prices of the high-speed scooter will start from Rs 64,797 to Rs 1,05,990 which includes Okinawa Ridge+, Praise Pro and iPraise+.

Additionally, visitors will be able to examine components such as the battery, motor and chassis in more detail. Okinawa will also offer a customizing area where customers can opt for hand-painted scooters.

Commenting on the launch of its second Experience Center, Mr. Jitendra Sharma, MD & Founder, Okinawa Autotech, said: “Okinawa is gearing up to expand its footprint, and we are thrilled to launch Okinawa Galaxy in the capital city of India. Huh. With this experience center, we want our customers to experience real change. Consumers have made progress and are now aware of the benefits of going electric, and should have a direct experience with a better ride and ownership experience. We plan to expand to more cities to meet the growing consumer demand across India, where people are already voluntarily adopting electric scooters.”

Ahead of the electric scooter launch, Okinawa opened a new Experience Center, which first appeared on BGR India.

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