Okinawa Autotech unveils new electric scooter teaser: Watch video


Okinawa Autotech will launch a new electric scooter later this month. The company has teased this new scooter under the name Ockhi 90. The company may opt for a different commercial title for the product at launch. Okinawa has released a new teaser for the electric scooter, which highlights the tail lamps.

In the new video teaser, Okinawa reveals a new teaser showcasing triple LED taillamps. Ahead of the teaser, Okinawa had shared a video of the Oki90’s headlight and DRLs. The entire headlamp cluster is shown working in the video. Going by the image, we can safely assume that the company has opted for a more traditional design language with the Okinawa Ockhi 90. The company also shared a teaser of the indicator on the scooter. The indicators will sit under the two DRLs on the central part of the scooter.

Okinawa Autotech MD Jitendra Sharma told that the top speed of the scooter will be up to 90 kmph. Apart from speed, he also revealed that the Okinawa Ockhi 90 will get a range of up to 200 km on a single charge. The actual limit may be lower.

Fast charging will also be available in Ockhi 90 electric scooter. Sharma told that the scooter will feature fast charging technology. He claimed that the Ockhi 90 will be charged 70 to 80 per cent in just the first hour and the rest will be charged in 2 to 3 hours.

Sharma claimed that the product that is coming will have software technology which is far ahead. Sharma said, “These will have artificial intelligence features and connected vehicle features. Consumers are looking for a product that can be compared with the ICE Engine in terms of range.

While a true battery swap won’t be possible with the Ockhi 90 electric scooter, we can confirm that it will get a removable battery. The user can easily unlock the battery and charge it at home. Sharma claimed that for the battery swap to work, the industry would need to reach a benchmark in terms of size and shape of the battery unit.

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