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NPCI partners with Worldline to bring UPI, RuPay to Europe: What it means for you


Till now, Indians traveling to Europe had to use international card networks to pay for their purchases. While this system enables them to make payments digitally, it is restrictive in the sense that users cannot use cards from multiple banks to make payments. But soon, Indian travelers will have an easier way to pay for their purchases. The international arm of the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), i.e. NPCI International Payments Limited (NICL), has partnered with European payment and transaction service provider, Worldline, to bring UPI (United Payments Interface) to Europe.

As part of the partnership, Worldline will allow point-of-sale (POS) systems of merchants to accept payments through UPI,
which is an instant real-time payment system, and RuPay, which is NPCI’s proprietary card payment network
Solution. This will enable Indian travelers to pay for their purchases with ease without having to rely entirely on a particular card. This, in turn, will result in a multitude of customer-related merchant benefits due to an increase in
Footfalls and expenses from Indian tourists.

At the end of Worldline, UPI transactions in Europe will be facilitated by the company’s universal product for acceptance of all QR-based payments, i.e. Worldline QR. The first target markets for NIPL include Benelux, which includes three European countries – Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg – and Switzerland. This service will be made available in more countries of Europe as Worldline QR is launched in more European countries.

“It is important for us to adopt UPI-powered apps and RuPay cards across Europe, as we expect to increase the mobility of Indians across the continent in the years to come. We believe this partnership will empower Indian consumers to continue using their preferred payment mode as they travel across Europe,” said Ritesh Shukla, CEO, NIPL Told on this occasion.

It may be noted that Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Switzerland are not the only countries where NPCI’s UPI service is available. Last year, Bhutan became the first country to adopt UPI within its borders. Earlier this year, Nepal, UAE and UK adopted India’s digital payment service to make it easier for Indian travelers to pay online.

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