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Nothing’s Next Step to Expand Business First Physical Store in London


Nothing, the latest smartphone startup, is planning to expand its business and the next step in doing so is to open a physical store. The Carl Pei-led brand has announced that it will open its first physical retail store in London ahead of Christmas this year. The news about a physical store – which is an important milestone for any brand moving forward in the market – comes ahead of the launch of the Nothing Next earbuds, the Ear Stick.

The first Nothing store will open at 4 Peter Street in Gosh’s Beach! London outlet of Comics and Supreme. The upcoming earbuds as well as its previous offerings – the Nothing Phone (1) and Nothing Ear (1) are not expected to sell at a physical retail location. Nothing is letting its fans and customers experience its products through kiosks at pop-up locations, which is expected to continue until the brand opens more physical stores in key markets.

A permanent physical location is part of Nothing’s broader plans to become a brand like Apple, which is running a network of physical stores around the world to sell and service its devices. Apple has multiple stores in locations such as the US, UK, Canada, Europe, China and Korea. However, its plans to open a physical store in India are yet to materialise. The last development was Apple leasing space in Mumbai for its physical store.

However, nothing will be quite as lavish as the first physical store Apple, rightly so given the formerly relatively new and nowhere near as cash-rich as the iPhone maker. But it hopes to expand like Apple.

“After the successful launch of Year 1 and Phone 1, it is the right time to shake things up again and provide our community with a place where they can connect with each other and our products,” said Nothinge General Manager Ryan Latham said. “Surrounded by iconic brands like Supreme, we have the unique position of being the only tech store in the area.”

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