Nothing Phone (1) Users complain about display issue, the company said sorry


Nothing to call (1) the talk of the town. Everyone wants to get their hands on it – a desire that has been fueled by the hype surrounding the phone, as well as limited stock which has led to delay in availability. But some early birds — those who have pre-ordered — have received their Nothing Phone (1) units. Now, some of them are reporting issues. The two major issues nothing is giving the phone (1) are green tinting on the display and a black dot around the punch-hole.

The most common problem reported by many Nothing Phone (1) users is the color of the display. A user posted a photo detailing how badly the green tinting has affected the upper part of the display. The user claimed that he sent the phone back, only to receive a faulty replacement with the same issue.

Green tinting is a problem that occurs mostly in phones with AMOLED panels. Essentially what happens is that a part of the display – sometimes the entire display – suddenly turns green. This is because the red and blue diodes in the RGB array cause the display to malfunction.

Another issue is the black dot that has appeared near the punch-hole of the Nothing Phone (1) display. While the problem doesn’t seem as widespread as green tinting, a slight discrepancy in the display certainly bothers users.

The issues with Nothing Phone (1) are quite worrying. The phone has a lot going on (1), given that this is the first phone from Nothing, which debuted two years ago. Its founder Carl Pei, who previously co-founded OnePlus, spoke at length about how the Nothing Phone (1) will break the monotony of the smartphone market. While it looked promising, the phone is also the first product. As with the first generation products, the phone (1) is giving issues.

Hasn’t acknowledged anything issues and is potentially talking to affected users for a replacement.

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