Nothing Ears (Stick) Officially Revealed by the Brand, Launch Expected Soon


After a slew of certifications, Nothing has officially revealed its next gadget in the wearable space, the Nothing Ear (Stick). As the name suggests, the ear (stick) is the next earbud from the brand that will be joined by ear (1). The new earbuds are expected to launch soon as the first teaser has already arrived.

Nothing has been revealed about the design of the Nothing Ear (Stick) on its social media platforms. The ear (stick) brings a completely new design above the ear (1). The earbuds have a wand-like cover that is easy to carry and are expected to fit snugly in a pocket.

The current Ear (1) has a square shaped cover, which is not pocket friendly. The new Ear (Stick), however, will eliminate the problem by offering a more mobile design.

The image shared by the brand shows the case in white and red colours. Nothing has been revealed about the specifications of the earbuds, but since the first teaser is out, we should know more about the earbuds soon.

Earlier, the earbuds were seen on Amazon showing off the front of the casing. The leaked image shows how the earbuds will be placed inside the case. Design-wise, the design of the new earbuds will be similar to Ear (1). However, the features are expected to vary and may be upgraded.

Some previous certifications have revealed that the ear (stick) will have support for Bluetooth v5.2. The earbuds will also have an IP54 rating and will support AI Bass. That’s all we know so far about the ear (stick).

Back in July, the earbuds were expected to launch alongside the Nothing Phone (1), but that didn’t happen. Later, the earbuds were said to debut in September. Now, we are already in September, which indicates that we may not only get teasers but a possible launch is on the way.

The Year (Stick), formerly known as the Year (1) Stick, was seen unofficially retailing for €99, which roughly translates to Rs 7,877.

Post Nothing Year (Stick) has been officially revealed by the brand, the launch is expected to make its debut on BGR India soon.

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