Nothing can make the phone (1) lose the charger inside the box, and that’s bad news for fans.


Nothing Phone (1) The key specifications are already out and this piece of information is helping the company to get the hype ahead of its July 12 launch. But the latest leak may dampen some of the excitement led by former OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei. The company’s first phone. A YouTube video has confirmed that the Nothing phone (1) will come without a charger inside the box.

Gaurav Choudhary, popularly known as Technical Guruji, posted a video to demonstrate some aspects of Nothing Phone (1). The video shows the retail box of the phone with Choudhary saying that it is made of recycled material and uses zero plastic. But the dimensions of the box are hard to ignore. The sleek box confirms that there is no charger in the bundle. While the phone was on out of the box, the other components were not. Thus, we are not sure that this is so. However, going by the current norm of removing chargers, the retail box makes a strong case.

Nothing Phone (1) Stacked retail box. (Source: Technical Guruji)

Who did it first?

Apple was the first brand to remove the power brick, or as we like to call the charger, from the retail box of the iPhone 12 in 2020. Some smartphone brands initially criticized the move, only to later follow the iPhone maker. Samsung, as well as many other brands, do not provide chargers in the box. They argue – much like Apple’s – that it is in the best interest of the environment and probably not as inconvenient as most people have chargers in their homes. This is true to some extent, but it is half true.

Is a charger needed?

Even though chargers are no longer a part of the retail box, prices for the phones more or less remain in the same ballpark. Customers are not getting any benefit by removing the chargers. Some customers don’t mind this, but for some it’s a bad deal. This is because a good range of Android phones come with proprietary fast-charging technology, which is supported only by the company’s own chargers. Not providing one in the box will deprive the customer of that facility unless they buy it using extra money. There is an argument that the same phones support chargers from other brands, but they have limited power output that aligns with the USB PD standard.

Nothing has been said about the charging capabilities of its upcoming phone yet. And we’re not sure if the charger won’t be part of the bundle at this time.

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