Not just Pixel phones, Windows laptops are also affected by a Cropalypse bug


Windows 11’s Snipping Tool has a vulnerability that lets hackers recover at least a portion of the information that has been clipped from an image. The issue is similar to the one affecting Google’s markup tool in its Pixel smartphones.

To recall, developers Simon Aarons and David Buchanan reported last week that Google’s markup tool contained a bug that could let hackers recover at least part of the information in edited screenshots. The problem stems from the fact that the markup tool saves the screenshot and the edited image in the same folder without overwriting or replacing the old image with the new one, which in turn makes it possible to retrieve the edited details. Or at least a part of it.

Now, Developer chris bloom has confirmed that a similar issue exists with Windows 11’s Snipping Tool. Essentially the tool overwrites an existing file rather than truncates any unused data it leaves behind. This unused data can be used to at least partially recover the original image.

Security researcher Will Dorman explained in a thread on Twitter that the bug is easy to test. All users need to do is open an image with the Snipping Tool and crop it to make it smaller before saving it. Comparing the original image size with the cropped image, it is easy to understand that the tool saves a part of the cropped-out data, which is later used to reconstruct or retrieve a part of the original image May go.

“When saving to a file, Snipping Tool will overwrite the number of bytes needed to save your edited image, leaving the remaining bytes intact,” he wrote in his Twitter thread.

Equally worrying is the fact that this bug not only affects the Snipping Tool in Windows 11, but it also affects the Snip and Sketch tool in Windows 10. This.

bleeping computer notes That this problem persists not only with PNG images but also with JPG images. Thankfully, Microsoft is aware of these reports, and is looking into the matter. So, a fix for this bug should be coming soon.

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