Nokia’s new Pure UI will work not only on mobile phones but also on smartwatches and laptops


After revamping its brand logo, Nokia has now introduced a new user interface for smartphones and other products. Nokia’s new Pure UI seems to be an attempt to strengthen the ecosystem of products.

That said, according to Nokia the UI will boot up on mobile phones, smartwatches and even laptops. The UI will offer a clean interface and a host of features. let’s take a look.

Here’s everything about Nokia’s Pure UI

Nokia has announced Pure UI to provide a consistent and clean experience across devices. It carries over the brand’s minimalistic approach that it implemented for the new branding at the time of MWC last month.

The entire UI will have Nokia’s pure typeface. New icons, smoother animations and separate screens (with a minimal look) for most of the apps are some of the things you will see on Pure UI.

Since the UI is supposed to be clean, it adopts a slim border design for quick functions like clock, brightness controls and more. In the marketing images, the Pure UI is blue themed, however, there appears to be a toggle to change the theme color.

This theming reminds us of Android’s Material UI theming, which adds a color theme to the entire UI. However, do not confuse Pure UI with OS, it is just a user interface that will run on an operating system.

Apart from smartphones, it will also run on other products like smartwatches, laptops etc. As stated above, this can help strengthen the ecosystem.

While Nokia has released several images showing off the new UI, there are some that are both suspicious and hilarious. Nokia is using iPhone and Apple watch to display UI. Also, it is showing Pure UI on MacBook.

On Nokia’s official page, there is mention of ‘B2B and enterprise digital products’, which begs the question – is the UI limited to business? Or will it also move to consumer-oriented products as it is believed to be.

We have reached out to Nokia to get a clear answer. We will update the article once we get the response.

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